4 Best Fishing Rods for Common Carp (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For everyone with an amount of fishing experience, it is general knowledge that carp are stubborn, large-sized fighting fish that are capable of damaging substandard fishing equipment. To avoid such an occurrence, your carp fishing rod should be sturdy, durable, and able to withstand whatever strain that potential catch might exert on it. Also, long fishing rods are more suitable than shorter ones, as anglers often need to cast long distances when targeting carp.

Best Fishing Rods for Common Carp

Below is an expository guide on the very best fishing rods available that are ideal for angling common carp.

1. Daiwa Maddragon Carp Rod

Daiwa Maddragon Carp Rod

This rod is made from a combination of graphite and fiberglass, with the resultant blank providing a mixture of power, sensitivity, and durability. For improved casting smoothness and accuracy, there are guides made from aluminum oxide along the body of the rod. Also, the rod has a high-grade half-hood reel seat and a protective sleeve made from nylon.

  • Two-piece build.
  • 12 ft rod length.
  • Shrink tube handle.
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2. Shakespeare Cypry Carp Rod

Shakespeare Cypry Carp Rod

The standout out feature of this carbon rod is its telescopic build that allows the rod to be reduced in length, therefore enhancing portability. The accuracy and performance of the rod are boosted by the presence of quality guides made from titanium oxide. Also, there is a high-grade DPS reel seat that makes the rod compatible with most proper reels, and the rod has a test curve of 3 lbs.

  • 11 ft rod length.
  • Comfortable EVA handle.
  • Portable and durable.
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3. Daiwa Black Widow Carp Rod

Daiwa Black Widow Carp Rod

One of the best rods for fishing carp, the Black Widow is a slim, well-balanced blank that is made from high-quality HMC+® carbon fiber. Along the body of the rod, there are double-leg guides that are made from titanium oxide for improved casting accuracy. For comfort and a steady grip, the rod is equipped with a standard EVA/shrink tube handle, making angling an easy experience.

  • 13 ft rod length.
  • 75 lbs. test curve.
  • Two-piece build.
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4. Okuma Celilo Graphite Spinning Rod

Okuma Celilo Graphite Spinning Rod

While it is not a conventional carp rod, this Okuma rod is perfect for carp, with its graphite blank construction that is both durable and sensitive. Due to the presence of 7 guides + tip, the rod is easy to use and provides accurate casting while the fore and rear cork grips ensure comfort. To accommodate your carp reel, there is a durable, hooded reel seat made from stainless steel.

  • 5 ft rod length.
  • Medium power.
  • Medium-fast action.
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Fishing Rods for Common Carp Buying Guide

Common carp are an excellent target species for both newbies and experienced anglers. Reaching impressive weights and sizes, and backed by real muscle, the common carp is great game fish or can confuse the angler into thinking it is other game fish.

In the descriptions above, we have given a rundown of the best fishing rods for common carp that stand above most options on the market and what they are good for. Now, we take a look at some of the deciding factors we considered and you should too to give you confidence in the products we chose and find the best match for your budget.

Rod Length

As stated initially, the length of your fishing rod plays a major role on other factors like sensitivity, weight, and casting distance. The longer the rod, the more sensitive it is and the further it can cast. The rod length, however, should be weighed against its portability.

Rods that are 7’ and above, should ideally, come in multi-piece or telescopic configurations to ensure the most carrying convenience.

Action and Power

The action and power specifications on your fishing rod for common carp are another important factor set to consider. You ideally want a medium-heavy or heavy power rod to be able to stand up to the exceptionally fighting power of the common carp.

With cycles of tugging and release, come the need for a rod that can hold its own.

The action on your rod also plays a role on the rod’s overall sensitivity and bait workability. The faster the action, the better the response to your effort to reel in your catch. A fast action rod will also give your more control over your bait.


Any fishing rod you’ll be using to target common carp must be built to last. Many rods, these days, come with fiberglass, graphite, or composite constructions.

While fiberglass are tough and can withstand impressive strains, they are not as lightweight as graphite rods.

Composite rods combine the best of both worlds and are generally the best quality options you’ll find on the market.