5 Best Freediving Masks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The whole experience of diving to great depths is one that is definitely unforgettable. Among the necessary equipment for freediving, masks are one of the most notable and enable excellent visibility while submerged. Different brands have created masks that provide proper facial protection while making you look good too.

Best Freediving Masks

There are a lot of high-quality diving masks that you can purchase for your experience. Among that large number, five have been selected and their features are discussed below.

1. Mares Viper Mask

Mares Viper Mask

The Mares Viper Mask is an eye-catching product that has high standards in both physical appeal and actual functionality. Its ergonomic design allows it to fit the face perfectly, regardless of face size and shape. The mask is small-sized, making it more convenient for most users.

  • It weighs only 5.3 ounces.
  • Ergonomic buckles allow precise adjustments.
  • Silicone material prevents condensation.
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2. Aqua Lung Maui Single Lens Dive Mask

Aqua Lung Maui Single Lens Dive Mask

Aqua Lung’s mask is a highly functional mask that has some premium features to boast of. The material is designed to fit and face shape and size in a perfect, leak-free fit. The one-piece glass lens is of high quality and it is totally immune to shattering.

  • One-piece lens is made from tempered glass.
  • Silicone material ensures a perfect fit.
  • Simple strap and buckle allow for proper adjustments.
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3. Kraken Aquatics Dive Mask

Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Dive Mask With Silicone Skirt And Strap For Scuba Diving, Snorkeling And Fre

This masterpiece from Kraken Aquatics boasts of a watertight seal and a perfect face fit. It has a proper buckle that allows adjustments to be done easily. Also, it is constructed in a way that you have a wide view without any obstructions that can prove dangerous eventually.

  • The durable one-piece lens is made from tempered glass.
  • Both the strap and skirt are made from silicone, for best fit.
  • The high-grade buckle allows for maximum adjustability.
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4. XS Foto Panorama GoPro Dive Mask

Xs Foto Panorama 3 Window Extra Qwik Comfort Strap Built In Stainless Steel Camera Mount Gop

The XS Foto Dive Mask is specially designed to help you record your underwater adventures. Your comfort and safety are assured as it has a silicone skirt and a feathered edge to give a proper fit. Its most notable feature is the camera mount at the top of the mask.

  • It weighs only 8.2 ounces.
  • Camera mount is compatible with most GoPro cameras.
  • The product comes in several colors.
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5. Cressi Superocchio Diving Mask

Cressi Adult 2 Window Low Volume Diving Mask Superocchio Made In Italy Cressi Low Volume Mask Mad

Made by Cressi, the Superocchio Diving Mask comes from a company that has over 50 years’ experience in making diving equipment. It has a soft silicone skirt which helps the mask bend easily to adapt to your face shape and size. The mask’s small volume makes it ideal for your freediving adventures.

  • Lenses are made from tempered glass.
  • Separate lenses offer a wide range of vision.
  • The frame is made from a strong technopolymer.
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Freediving Masks Buying Guide

Freediving masks are an essential part of your diving kit. Our naked eyes can only see underwater for so long, but with a good freediving mask, you don’t need to strain your eyes and can focus on all the fun. There are a number of things that you need to consider before you go ahead and purchase a diving face mask.


Without a doubt, the best option for a freediving mask is often a smaller option. This is because smaller masks weigh less and are more convenient while worn on the face. Smaller free diving masks also have lower volumes and are thus easier to equalize. You use as little air as possible to balance the pressure and save your air. Larger, heavier masks might be uncomfortable for you and will require much more air to equalize the pressure. Freediving masks should be just the right size as too small might squeeze on your nostrils and be uncomfortable.

Facial Fit

It is very important for your diving mask to fit your face while you are underwater. This is probably the most important feature of any mask. Without a perfect fit between your face and your mask, then there will be leaks.

Needless to say, any leak can potentially become life-threatening. Proper modern masks are built with flexible materials, mostly silicone. This helps the mask to fit around basically every face shape and size.

Also, properly made buckles and straps help the whole mask to fit the face and avoid any leaks.

Lens Type

The type of lens that any diving mask has is also very important for safety reasons. Low-quality masks might have lenses that are made from basic plastic. These pose the risk of cracks and may even shatter when under immense pressure.

Also, an inefficient mask might have a lens that is partially obstructed at the center or at the edges. This obstruction can be dangerous or inconvenient while you are underwater.

Proper masks have lenses that are made from tempered glass, which does not shatter and can withstand serious pressure. Furthermore, proper lenses are created in a way that there is minimal or no obstruction at the center and the edges.