5 Best Hydrofoils (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Hydrofoil allows for more efficient boat travel by effectively lifting the hull of the boat out of the water. This is most effective at high speeds as it decreases the amount of drag while simultaneously increasing the overall speed. This process provides a more efficient way of cruising and saves unnecessary fuel consumption.

Best Hydrofoils

Here are our hydrofoil reviews.

1. SE Sport 400 Hydrofoil

Se Sport 400 Hydrofoil

The SE Sport 400 Hydrofoil is an efficient piece of kit which fits all engines over 40 HP. This hydrofoil is available in black and gray. It is streamlined for improved handling, speed and all around better maneuverability.

  • Turbo Trac for enhanced thrust and control
  • Crescent shaped quick-funneling surface
  • Stainless steel hardware included
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2. SE Sport 300 Sport Hydro Foil

Se Sport 300 Sport Hydro Foil

The SE Sport 300 Sport Hydro Foil is a narrow, streamline hydrofoil made for quick and precise control. The improved thrust makes for quick plane at lower speeds. This hydrofoil is available in metallic gray or white.

  • Mounting hardware included
  • Unique design eliminates downturned trailing edge for no drag
  • Fits 40 hp – 300 hp engines
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3. Davis Doel-Fin Outboard Stabilizer

Davis Doel Fin Outboard Stabilizer

The Davis Doel-Fin Outboard Stabilizer is a versatile hydrofoil which improves the overall performance of a boat. This hydrofoil promotes fast out of the hole times and is designed by an aeronautical engineer for true efficiency.

  • Hardware Included for simple 15 minute installation
  • Each foil is molded in two pieces of high strength plastic
  • Compatible with all motor sizes
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4. Marine Dynamics Starfire – 1 Stingray Hydrofoil

Marine Dynamics Starfire – 1 Stingray Hydrofoil

The Marine Dynamics Starfire – 1 Stingray Hydrofoil is a uniquely shaped hydrofoil. It features patented curvature for maximum performance, and has an inverted concave trailing edge for the purpose of relieving drag.

  • 2 set screw for quick 5 minute installation
  • Swept back delta wing profile
  • Fits most outboards and stern drives 40 hp and over
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5. Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL Hydrofoil Stabilizer

Davis Instruments Whale Tail Xl Hydrofoil Stabilizer

The Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL Hydrofoil Stabilizer is a reliable hydrofoil which increases fuel efficiency. This hydrofoil reduces cavitations, proposing and generally improves boat performance. It promises to increase top speed and save fuel.

  • 15 minute installation with included stainless steel hardware
  • Made from marine grade aluminum
  • Total weight 3.4lbs
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Hydrofoil Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a hydrofoil is an important investment for a boat owner.  Generally speaking, high quality hydrofoils are priced at around $50-$100.  While the price may not be too high, don’t think that a hydrofoil is not a must-have addition.  The price paid for a hydrofoil would be recouped by the amount of fuel it saves through improving boats efficiency, so it is a great product to consider.

Our buying guide reviews the best hydrofoils on the market so you can choose the perfect one for your boat. The following features are included on the majority of hydrofoils and will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing.


Hydrofoils come in many shapes and sizes. Some are uniquely designed to be as efficient and streamline as possible in the water. The aim of a hydrofoil is to reduce drag as much as possible, so downturned trailing edges may be employed to maximize this. Another design is the stingray, which cuts through water very effectively. The less surface a hydrofoil has, and the more streamline it is will enhance its ability to improve the performance of your boat.


Be sure to check that the hydrofoil you choose is compatible with your boat. Most hydrofoils will be usable with boats from 40 HP to 300 HP but this isn’t always the case so it’s worth double checking. Some smaller, more lightweight hydrofoils will be built for smaller boats up to 40 HP.


Hydrofoils are composed of multiple materials. The hardware should be stainless steel or another durable metal to ensure longevity. The foils may be molded in high strength plastics to protect them from water damage and provide reinforcement. A hydrofoil needs to be resistant to the pressure of being in water, and be able to cope with the elements.


Most hydrofoils can be installed within 15 minutes. All hardware should come with the hydrofoil to make the process fast and simple. Some hydrofoils can be installed in as little at 5 minutes.