5 Best Jack Plates (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Outboard motors are essential to powering a boat and moving quickly on the water. These motors require movement themselves, to make them easy to use. This is where a jack plate comes in. A jack plate is a specially designed bracket for mounting the motor and allowing it to be raised or lowered vertically.

Best Jack Plate

Here are our jack plate reviews.

1. T-H Marine Supply Atlas Outboard Hydraulic Jack Plate

T H Marine Supply Atlas Outboard Hydraulic Jack Plate

The T-H Marine Supply Atlas Outboard Hydraulic Jack Plate is a top of the range plate for an outboard motor. It has a rod and slot lifting design making for easy lifting action. This jack plate is usable for most outboard motors up to 350HP.

  • Self contained hydraulic pump system
  • Bottom to top in 8 seconds
  • Abrasion resistant, hi tech engineered polymer rods
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2. T-H Marine Z-Lock Manual Jack Plate

T H Marine Z Lock Manual Jack Plate

The T-H Marine Z-Lock Manual Jack Plate is a good value, high quality jack plate. Its unique design eliminates side slippage. This jack plate is available in sizes ranging from 4 – 12 inches, and handles all V6 outboards up to 300 HP.

  • Made of strong aircraft grade aluminum
  • Z-Lock allows 5” of vertical adjustment
  • Stainless steel bolts for stability
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3. T-H Marine AHJM-4-DP Atlas Micro Jacker

T H Marine Ahjm 4 Dp Atlas Micro Jacker

The T-H Marine AHJM-4-DP Atlas Micro Jacker is a well-built jack plate. It is a great choice or smaller outboards, shallow water boats, gheenoes, river runners, jon boats or skiffs. At only 23lbs in weight this is a very maneuverable jack plate.

  • Max weight compatibility – 425lbs
  • Universal fit type
  • Lifts in 8 seconds
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4. T-H Marine AHJ-6V-Dp Hydraulic Jack Plate

T H Marine Ahj 6v Dp Hydraulic Jack Plate

The T-H Marine AHJ-6V-Dp Hydraulic Jack Plate is a durable jack plate with a self-contained hydraulic pump system with no lines to install. This jack plate combines speed and self contained lifting action making it extra efficient.

  • Top to bottom in less than 8 seconds
  • Road and slot simple lifting design
  • High tech engineered polymer rods
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5. Hi-Tech Fishing CMC Manual Power-Lift Transom Jack Plate

Hi Tech Fishing Cmc Manual Power Lift Transom Jack Plate

The Hi-Tech Fishing CMC Manual Power-Lift Transom Jack Plate is an affordable, good quality jack plate. This product has a simple one piece design making it easy to install. It is designed to fit standard B.I.A bolt patterns.

  • Made from T6 extruded aluminum alloy
  • Stainless steel fasteners for max durability
  • 5 inch vertical adjustment
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Jack Plate Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a jack plate is an important investment for a boat owner looking to improve their boats efficiency.  Sticker shock is common for a new or replacement windlass, as prices are typically near or over $1,000.  While the price may seem high, a good jack plate is worth the cost.  A jack plate may not be a required piece of equipment on a boat, but on most boats a motor is required, and a jack plate allows the motor to be adjusted vertically for convenience.

Our buying guide reviews the best jack plates on the market so you can choose the right jack plate for your boat. The following features are included on most jack plates and will help you to choose which features suit your boating needs.


Jack plates consist of a number of different materials. The hardware needs to be durable and resistant to damage, so metals such as stainless steel are commonly used for the bolts. The rods on the jack plate also need to be strong and resistant to potential abrasion, so high tech engineered polymer is often used. Aluminum and other metals are well suited for the body of the jack plate.

Power/Size compatibility

The compatibility of jack plates will determine whether they will be suitable for your motor or boat. Look out for the maximum weight compatibility to check it lines up with your requirements. Also, some jack plates can handle outboard motors up to 300HP but some are much less capable – so this needs to be verified also.


Jack plates should ideally be quick and easy to install. Look for one which includes the necessary bolts and hardware this will speed up the process and have you out on the water using your jack plate in no time.

Lift speed

The purpose of a jack plate is to vertically lift or lower the motor. If a situation arises where this needs to be done urgently, then having a jack plates which performs this function as quickly as possible will be greatly important. Some jack plates will perform a full vertical adjustment in as little as 5 seconds, whereas others, larger ones may double that time.