5 Best Kickboards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Kickboards are excellent workout tools for both the novice and seasoned swimmer. With a great kickboard, you can have more rigorous training sessions for longer without tiring out as it packs the benefit of armrest, buoyancy, balance, and centered training.

Overall, you know, in the end, that your kicking technique would have improved appreciatively. With such choice advantages available, the internet provides so many options that it could be challenging to make the best decision for your swimming needs.

In this piece, we have helped you compile a list of the best kickboards the market has to offer, in terms of the advantages mentioned above, without making too much of a dent in your pockets.

Best Kickboards

Here are our kickboard reviews.

1. Speedo Team Kickboard

Speedo Team Kickboard, One Size

The Speedo Team Kickboard is a lightweight product that is letter-perfect for swimmers at every stratum. Whether you’re looking to enhance your kicking technique or increase leg strength, Speedo is more than up to the task, with textured foam covering for firm grip and grooved sides to give an ideal armrest.

  • Extremely lightweight with a total mass of about 1 pound.
  • The textured covering with EVA technology makes for a non-slippery surface.
  • The grooved undersides are excellent for ease of grip and handling.
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2. VIAHART Swimming Kickboard

Viahart Swimming Kickboard One Size Fits All A Great Training Aid For Children And Adults

The VIAHART Swimming Kickboard features the highest quality materials, suitable for use for swimmers across all stages and age ranges. This kickboard functions excellently for kicking drills and training in general. Exceptional durability, innovative and lightweight EVA foam covering, and positive customer reviews are just a few of the reasons why this product is worth the buy.

  • Lightweight and extremely durable.
  • Perfect for increasing leg strength and general stamina.
  • EVA foam, free of phthalate and formaldehyde.
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3. TYR Kickboard

Tyr Kickboard

Expertly designed for both beginners and professional swimmers alike, the TYR Kickboard is a great swimming aid for leg drills and water methods. This kickboard is guaranteed to build leg strength and overall swimming performance. With EVA foam closed covering, the TYR Kickboard is built to last and maintain a non-slippery surface.

  • Made from high-quality EVA foam.
  • Ideal for use for beginner swimmers and athletes.
  • Highly durable.
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4. Overmont Swimming Kickboard

Overmont Swimming Board Kickboard Pull Buoy Lightweight Eva Training Aid In Pool For Adults And Kid

The Overmont Swimming Kickboard comes with a pull buoy, made with eco-friendly EVA for more comfortable use. The ergonomic design makes it able to withstand heavy and rigorous use, ensuring durability. This professional swimming aid is ideal for use for adults and children. The neck and sides provide a comfortable grip for more relaxed swimming.

  • Great buoyancy.
  • Very easy to grip.
  • Super-lightweight and ergonomic design.
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5. American Lifetime Kickboard

Kickboard Lightweight Foam Swim Board Swimming Training Aid For Adults And Kids

This swimming aid provides one of the best values on the market for optimal use, with a stylish design built for sturdiness. The American Lifetime lightweight foam swim board is chlorine and weather-resistant, perfect for all swimming occasions, from workouts to beginner training, and even for just lounging lazily in the pool.

  • Durable build for guaranteed satisfaction.
  • It is made from lightweight foam.
  • Great for extended workout sessions in the pool.
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Kickboard Buyer’s Guide

Kickboards are an essential swimming accessory for professionals and beginners alike. They enhance workout routines for the pros and give aid to the newbies as they get familiar with the aquatic environment. Honestly, there is a lot of stuff online, with price ranges spanning from reasonable to outright ludicrous. As a buyer looking to make the most productive choice, there are many factors to consider. That said, below are our top selections of things to take into mind before purchasing a kickboard.


The design of your kickboard is an essential factor to consider because it directly influences ease of use and overall comfort. To optimize your swimming potential, take note of boards with a firm grip, like the types that have adopted the use of EVA foam as a surface covering. For high buoyancy and position, ergonomic and streamlined board designs will provide a perfect hydro cut, and kickboards with ridged bottoms enable multiple swimmers to organize and practice different race kinds.


This factor is dependent on your level/orientation and also skill as a swimmer. For professional swimmers, smaller kickboards are the ideal choice as they do not need the floatation support bigger kickboards provide, and so they can focus solely on improving their kick. Newbies and recreational swimmers can worry less about going underwater and simply enjoy a faster and more comfortable kick with the bigger kickboards with ample floating support.

Materials used

The quality of materials used to manufacture a kickboard will determine how long it lasts and withstands frequent use. Whatever you choose, be sure to pick one made from materials that offer a comfortable grasp. Round-edged kickboards won’t hurt your hands while gripping, and a sturdy board with high-end foam covering and grooved sides will last longer while keeping wear and tear at bay.


We’re not saying you should forego the alternative of purchasing something that offers all the qualities you seek in a kickboard. Still, you should take your time to find high quality with a logically acceptable price tag. The secret is comparing between kickboards which would give you the same benefits and satisfaction, but at different prices, and selecting the most pocket-friendly.