5 Best Kids’ Swimming Goggles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Swimming is a great sport for anyone and introducing kids to it early on can help them develop a passion and stay in top fitness health. Kids’ swimming goggles are a must-have in their safety swimming kit and will protect their delicate eyes from chemicals, organisms, and water pressure itself while affording them the luxury of clear vision underwater. The ideal swimming goggles for your little ones should be very comfortable, skin-friendly, fit snugly, and easily adjustable to fit different face profiles and sizes.

Best Kids’ Swimming Goggles

To help you save some time, we have compiled a list of our top five kids’ swimming goggles from which we are sure you’ll find a gadget your little one will love you for.


Speedo Unisex Youth Swim Goggles Hydrospex Ages 6 14

This brand makes goggles that are perfect for kids from 3 years old to even adults. These goggles are designed for crystal-clear vision underwater. The soft frame also makes it very comfortable to wear and the split head strap provides a snug fit.

  • Features anti-fog coated lenses.
  • Offers protection from UVA and UVB rays while swimming.
  • Designed to provide ultimate comfort.
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Outdoormaster Kids Swim Goggles 2 Pack Quick Adjustable Strap Swimming Goggles With Clear Tinted L

This product offers ultimate protection and is also leakproof and shatterproof. The clasp is dandily easy and quick to adjust. The soft silicone gasket also ensures that your kid remains comfortable throughout the session.

  • Comes with both clear and tinted lenses for both outdoor and indoor swimming.
  • Features a fish-style design and fun
  • Its Anti-fog technology prevents condensation during your swim.
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Eversport Kids Swim Goggles, Pack Of 2 Kids Swimming Goggles, Crystal Clear Swimming Goggles For Chi

These great quality goggles are designed with a quick-release head strap. It’s equipped with a soft sealing cushion to keep the water out and also designed to provide maximum comfort.

  • Features mirrored goggles that are perfect for outdoor and sunlight.
  • Lenses are anti-UV coated to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.
  • The clasp makes it easy to take off with just one click.
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Omeril Swim Goggles, 2 Packs Anti Fog Leak Proof Kids Swimming Goggles. Flexible Nose Bridge, 3d Tig

This is a great gift for the kids. Its double-seal design provides maximum comfort. It’s made with silicone nose clips that ensure a snug fit on the head. Also, with a quick-press button, it’s very easy to adjust.

  • Ensures a perfect fit and prevents water leakage
  • Its special anti-fog coating provides a clear view under and above water
  • Designed with soft silicone seals
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Finis Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles

This brand has a patented frogglez neoprene split-strap that provides optimal comfort to your little ones. It comes in bright and attractive color combinations. Also, it’s made with a floating material that prevents it from getting lost at the bottom of the pool.

  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses offer protection from UV rays.
  • Designed with loop-and-lock strap closure for easy adjustment.
  • Made with mirror lenses for eye protection.
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Kids’ Swimming Goggles Buying Guide

With the right kids’ swimming goggles, you can ensure your little ones have the best time while at the pool and focus on their form and training. Their eyes can only see for so long underwater, but with swimming goggles they can cheat nature without eye fatigue.

In the product review guide above, we highlighted some of the benefits of a proper pair of swimming goggles and why your kids would be better off owning one. Now that we’ve talked about the best swimming goggles for kids, the next thing to look at is the features you should take note of when purchasing a pair of swimming goggles. Read on to learn more.

Comfort and Fit

The comfort of your kids’ swimming goggles is one of the most important considerations to make. Your kids’ swimming goggles must fit snugly, provide a tight seal, and should not make them uncomfortable even in the slightest. You don’t want them fondling with their goggles every now and then but should be at complete ease to focus on their swim.

Surgical silicone is a great material to look out for in a pair of kids’ swimming goggles and is non-irritant. You should also follow guidelines to choose the right size and shape for your kids’ face profile for the best fit. It’s important to stay away from Swedish goggles because they have a hard plastic gasket that leaves the orbital socket very sore.


Another factor is the adjustability. Buying swimming goggles that your child can use for a long time is highly recommended especially because kids grow very fast. You should buy one can easily be adjusted to fit their heads even as they grow.

Optical goggles

If your child needs prescription goggles, then don’t go for non-prescription products. You should seek professional assistance from an optician for the recommended power ratings for your kid. There are a lot of options for prescription goggles for kids.

Lens’ Design and Coatings

Almost all goggles are designed with anti-fog coated lenses that help you see better underwater. However, not all of them stay that way for a long time. It’s highly recommended to look for a long-lasting anti-fog pair of goggles.

A lot of goggles also come with mirror lenses for sunlight. This is necessary to protect your kids’ eyes from UV rays. When getting a pair of goggles for the kids, keep this in mind.