5 Best Kneeboards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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There is a thin line between professional watersports and aquatic recreation these days with kneeboarding being one of the most intriguing water activities today. With the inconveniences that may arise from riding boat trails on your knees, choosing the best kneeboards to make your kneeboarding experience memorable is imperative.

From the growing market of kneeboard providers, we have compiled our review of the five best kneeboards to suit your surfing needs. Also included, as a part of this review, is our kneeboard buying guide to help guide you through the process of buying the perfect kneeboard.

Best Kneeboards

Here are our kneeboard reviews.

1. Driftsun Charger Kneeboard with Hook

Driftsun Charger Kneeboard With Hook For Kids And Adults, Includes Boating Strap And Hook, Knee Boar

Ideal for intermediate and expert riders, the Driftsun Charger Kneeboard allows you to catch enough air and perform all the surface tricks under your sleeves. With riders’ comfort at the top of Driftsun’s mind, this kneeboard is designed with EVA flex knee pads to soften any impact during the cruise. It’s perfect shape also makes for easy maneuverability allowing riders to make 180 degrees and 360 degrees surface spins.

  • Integrated Easy-Start Aquatic Hook
  • Durable Rotomolded Shell
  • Soft Molded EVA Knee Pad
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2. O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard with Hook

O'brien Voodoo Kneeboard With Hook

The O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard is a perfect choice for riders who enjoy keeping adequate control of their kneeboarding experience. With the discreet design of the O’Brien Voodoo, your cruise is smooth and memorable. Its two molded-in fins make it easier for tracking on the water.

  • Integrated hook
  • Quad molded fins
  • Padded adjustable strap
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3. Hydroslide Havoc Kneeboard 2116

Hydroslide Havoc Kneeboard 2116 Green

With an ultra-thin low-key profile design, the Hydroslide Havoc Kneeboard is designed for excellent adult performance. Its deep knee well allows for proper control and its super-light core material with tension relief design gives it a responsive feel. The unique safety 3-inch padded shock strap keeps you fastened throughout your ride.

  • 3″ Padded Shock Strap
  • Spring-loaded, retractable Hydrohook for towing.
  • EVA padded deck
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4. SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

 SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard with Hook for Kids & Adults, Kneeboard with Strap for Boating, Waterboarding, Kneeling Boogie Boarding, Knee Surfing

This SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard is one of the unique designs of UltraLite kneeboards weighing only nine pounds. Made with corrosion-proof and marine-grade materials, this kneeboard is an excellent pick for value and durability. It’s universal style size of 50” by 20”, as well as it’s adequate knee space, makes it suitable for riders of all age group and riding skills levels.

  • Marine Grade Water-Resistant and Corrosion-Resistant Construction
  • Lightweight & Hassle-Free Setup
  • Integrated hook
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5. ZUP DoMore All-in-One Watersports Performance Board

Zup Domore All In One Watersports Performance Board Kneeboard, Wakeboard, Wakesurf Board And Wate

This multipurpose watersports performance board gives you all the pecks to enjoying watersports. At the barest minimum, it serves as a kneeboard, as well as a wakeboard, designed for all levels of riders from beginners to advanced riders. Its utilitarian design provides more than kneeboarding as the fins make it possible to stably ride the waves.

  • Non-skid EVA foam padding
  • Integrated handles
  • Easy slip-in foot strap
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Kneeboard Buying Guide

Buying a kneeboard may be an interesting, yet daunting task. With the countless products in the market today, a neutral guide to help you buy the best-suited kneeboard is most appreciated.

When buying kneeboards, an important consideration to make is your purpose of kneeboarding. Are you embarking on a recreational or competitive kneeboarding? Depending on this goal, there are various kneeboards that can meet your needs.

Most recreational kneeboards are designed with comfort, stability, and control at the core. They are easier to use although the speed and traction are significantly lower than competitive kneeboards. Nevertheless, recreational kneeboards are perfect for beginners owing to the fact that they are easy to control and allows for quick switching of position.

Competitive kneeboards, on the other hand, are more expensive than the recreational kneeboards because of precise designs that allow it to hover over water with lightning speed. The tracking and turning abilities of competitive kneeboards also make it a good choice for people that enjoy water stunts and tricks.

Sometimes, you may have a need to switch between kneeboarding and surfing, the multipurpose boards are designed for purposes like this allowing you to have a completely fascinating experience.

Alongside your purpose for kneeboarding, picking the best kneeboard may require you to pay a little more attention to the features.


Some of the best kneeboards have fins while others do not. Fins are added to kneeboards to give you some extra control over the board and traction along the water surface. They are commonly found on competitive boards because of the need for high-speed maneuverability. Also, a few recreational kneeboards have fins to give riders the extra feel.


Beginners are always particular about hooks to help them keep the handle in place while taking a proper position in preparation for a fantastic ride. Depending on your preference, there are two major types of hook found in the best kneeboards: integrated hooks and retractable hook. Both serve the same function nonetheless.


Kneeboard straps are added designs for safety. They must be fastened before the ride to keep you safely in place. Although strap positions on the board vary depending on your board of choice, considering your comfort while strapped, as well as your safety and ease of movement, is necessary for choosing your next kneeboard.