5 Best Marine Amp Isolators (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Electronics are used on boats for multiple purposes. Lights require electricity, as do speakers, receivers, navigation systems and many other pieces of equipment. Where there are electronics, there should be electrical terminals. A marine amp isolator allows measurement of small signals by providing electrical isolation and a safety barrier.

Best Marine Amp Isolators

Here are our Marine Amp Isolator reviews.

1. InstallGear Ground Loop Isolator Amp Noise Filter

Installgear Ground Loop Isolator Amp Noise Filter

The InstallGear Ground Loop Isolator Amp Noise Filter is a two channel ground loop amp isolator for marine use. This product is both affordable and effective. It features a compact, two channel design for maximum efficiency.

  • Designed to eliminate ground loop noise
  • Reduces humming and buzzing
  • Dual channel design for effective, straightforward usage
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2. NVX 500 Amp Mobile Audio Relay Battery Isolator

Nvx 500 Amp Mobile Audio Relay Battery Isolator [bir500]

The NVX 500 Amp Mobile Audio Relay Batter Isolator is a top-of-the-line marine amp isolator. This piece of equipment doesn’t create a voltage from to your second batter unlike other common isolators. It works to eliminate battery drain.

  • Lengthens the life of the primary battery when engine is off
  • Continuous power handling of 500 amps at 12v
  • Available in three different power settings
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3. DB Electrical 3 Multi Battery Isolator

Db Electrical Bsl0007 3 Multi Battery Isolator 160 Amp Marine, Rv, Ems, Agco Combine 7 598 Diesel

The DB Electrical 3 Multi Battery Isolator is a multi marine amp isolator. This product comes with a 100 % 1 year warranty and is perfectly suited for use on a boat. The isolator is built to meet OEM specifications,.

  • Made from durable metal
  • 4 connection design
  • Total weight 3.26 lbs
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4. Bussmann RB-BI-70A Amp Battery Isolator

Bussmann Rb Bi 70a 70 Amp Battery Isolator

The Bussmann RB-BI-70A Amp Battery Isolator is a high quality marine amp isolator which prevents auxiliary batteries for draining main battery power. This product is designed to be extremely durable and includes hardware for basic installation.

  • Solid state technology extends battery life
  • Exceeds original equipment specifications
  • Allows each battery to charge and discharge according to need
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5. WirthCo 20092 Battery Doctor Battery Isolator

Wirthco 20092 Battery Doctor 125 Amp 150 Amp Battery Isolator

The WirthCo 20092 Battery Doctor Battery Isolator is a water resistant marine amp isolator made from high quality materials. This isolator is in a compact unit for safe usage. It features priority charging for starting batteries.

  • Automatically charges auxiliary battery
  • Over current and surge protected for vehicles and electronic systems
  • Manual override for starting battery
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Marine Amp Isolator Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a marine amp isolator is an important investment for a boat owner.  Prices are not very high, usually around the $30 mark.  While the price may seem quite low, a good marine amp isolator is well worth investing in.  A marine amp isolator is not a required piece of equipment on a boat, but if the boat needs to be jump started or if important battery powered equipment needs isolating it is essential.

Our buying guide reviews the best marine amp isolators on the market so you can choose the right marine amp isolator for your boat.   The following features are included on most marine amp isolators and will help you to choose which features you need on a marine amp isolator for your boat.


Marine amp isolators are made of corrosion-resistant materials because they are installed at on a boat where there may be a possibility that it will be exposed to water and sea spray.  Common materials include durable plastics and metals.  Be sure to buy a marine amp isolator that is made of high-quality materials for a long service life.


Boat marine amp isolators are used to isolate the power electrical items onboard a boat; therefore they need to give out certain amounts of power. Many marine amp isolators will give out 12v of power, whilst being compatible with 6v electrical items also. Marine amp isolators which feature a multiple design are capable of isolating multiple electrical items at once and therefore require more power.


Marine amp isolators should ideally be quick and easy to install. Look for one which includes the necessary bolts and hardware this will speed up the process and have you out on the water using your marine amp isolator in no time.

Safety Features

Marine amp isolators should be fitted with certain safety protection features. These features include reverse polarity, ignition protection, spark-proof technology, thermal protection, and protection from over isolating. These features ultimately ensure that the battery marine amp isolator is as safe as possible and minimize the risk of anything going wrong.