10 Best Marine Battery Chargers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Using an excellent battery charger will prove to be essential in keeping your boat’s battery in top condition. You’ll want to get the the best marine battery charger that can reliably and sufficiently provide the power your battery needs.

Different kinds of batteries have different needs. They will each require certain charging standards to be properly charged. That’s why you have to pick the battery charger that is perfect for your boat’s battery. You wouldn’t want to be left with an incorrect or low-quality charger, after all.

To make choosing a battery charger for you, we’ve provided a detailed review list of the top ten best marine battery chargers and their specifications to ensure that you’ll pick the right one for you.

Best Marine Battery Chargers

 Here are our picks for the 10 best marine battery chargers:

1. Battery Tender Marine Battery Charger

Battery Tender Marine Battery Charger

Battery Tender’s charger offers top durability and performance that will be hard to beat. It has earned a reputation from the many glowing reviews it’s garnered. Its top feature is the temperature compensation system so your charge voltage will always be at optimal levels. It even switches automatically between float charging and full charging mode.

The 1.25-amp charger will provide quick charging speeds while ensuring that your battery is safe from any damage. reverse polarity protection is an additional layer of safety for your peace of mind. The indicator lights are also very convenient for the user.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Automatically detects when to switch to float charging
  • Temperature compensation system
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2. Schumacher Marine Battery Charger

Schumacher Marine Battery Charger

The Schumacher charger allows you to conveniently switch between 6 or 12V charging modes. It has an automatic detection technology in place as well. The amperage rate will be automatically adjusted based on the power needed to charge your battery, so you can charge different kinds of batteries.

A microprocessor is installed which detects when the battery is fully charged and changes the mode to trickle charging instead. This can help preserve your battery life and longevity. Lastly, it has a super convenient voltage detection feature which will change the voltage depending on the charging devices. For the best user experience and convenience, this battery will be useful.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Automatically switches to float charging mode
  • Detects what voltage is required
  • Superior user convenience
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3. Black+Decker Automatic Marine Battery Charger

Black+decker Automatic Marine Battery Charger

The Black+Decker charger can charge either 6 and 12V batteries and will work on various kinds of batteries. It has smart charging capabilities that will detect when the charger should switch to float charging mode.

The charger connects to batteries very easily and it comes with a helpful mounting bracket. For its price and features, you’ll get great bang for your buck out of this charger.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Smart charging capabilities
  • Convenient user experience
  • Mounting bracket is included
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4. Stanley Bench Marine Battery Charger

Stanley Bench Marine Battery Charger

The Stanely bench charger lets you choose between 15 and 25 amp charging options. There is an LED status indicator that conveniently shows you the battery and charging status. It will work with all types of battery and is equipped with an automatic detection that will switch to trickle charging when your battery is at full charge. An alternator check is also in place.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Nifty LED screen
  • Choose between 15 and 25 amp
  • Automatically switches between charging modes
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5. Minn Kota On-Board Digital Marine Battery Charger

Minn Kota On Board Digital Marine Battery Charger

Minn Kota’s battery charger also offers multiple banking models from one until four. They also come in different ranges of amperage levels. With their multi-bank models, you’ll be able to charge multiple batteries. To add to your convenience, the charger has a built-in display that shows the battery status of different banks. This digital charger delivers all your necessary charging needs.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • The display shows battery status
  • Multiple amp range options
  • Multiple banking options
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6. Guest ChargePro On-Board Waterproof Marine Battery Charger

Guest Chargepro On Board Waterproof Marine Battery Charger


This is one rugged charger thanks to its waterproof and shockproof capabilities. Aside from those, it has other features designed to add increased safety protection such as voltage protection, temperature protection, ignition protection, and reverse polarity. You can easily bring it out in the waters and be assured of its durability. If you want a very sturdy charger that can charge any battery type, then Guest ChargePro’s charger is the one to get.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Warranty lasts for two years
  • Great features for safety and protection
  • Waterproof and shockproof
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7. Marinco Guest ChargePro Waterproof Marine Battery Charger

Marinco Guest Chargepro Waterproof Marine Battery Charger


Marinco has a solid reputation for their battery chargers and their models live up to its expectations. With their chargers, you can charge conventional batteries along with gel batteries, and AGM batteries. A built-in microprocessor automatically detects what the charge requirement is for a battery you’ve plugged in and it will prevent any potential overcharging.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Detects correct charge required
  • The microprocessor prevents overcharging
  • Able to charge different kinds of battery
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8. NOCO Genius 4-Bank UltraSafe Smart Marine Battery Charger

Noco Genius 4 Bank Ultrasafe Smart Marine Battery Charger


NOCO gives its customers a lot of options with charging solutions since they offer models that range from one bank to four banks with different amp range options as well. Their battery charger can be used for standard marine battery types. Maintaining the charge multiple batteries with the two bank option or higher will be a convenient feature for many.

True to its name “UltraSafe,” the charger comes with impressive safety capabilities as well. It has reverse polarity and spark-proof protection. There is also a built-in detector that monitors battery health so your battery won’t run the risk of overcharging.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Detects the battery’s health
  • Useful safety feature
  • You can choose from one to four bank options
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9. ProMariner Marine Battery Charger

Promariner Marine Battery Charger


ProMariner’s charger is compatible with most battery types (except 4D batteries) and it will charge multiple batteries simultaneously which is ideal if you’re using different batteries. Their charger automatically detects the charge requirement of batteries so they can provide the right charge needed. To help its durability, the charger is housed in a solid aluminum body.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Can charge multiple batteries
  • Automatically detects charge requirements
  • Solid aluminum body
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10. Weego JS12 Jump Starter Power Pack Marine Battery Charger

Weego Js12 Jump Starter Power Pack Marine Battery Charger


This Weego charger also doubles as a jump starter which will prove to be extremely useful when you need to jump-start any battery type. The standby charge will last for an outstanding one year, making the jump starter always ready. It comes with other useful extra features too. You can power your laptop with the charger, use its built-in flashlight, charge your devices using an included USB port for emergencies.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Warranty lasts for 18 months
  • Standby power lasts for one year
  • Able to jump-start all battery types
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Before you dive into buying a battery charger, you should be aware of the different features and specifications that chargers have to offer. You can easily be an informed buyer with our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Buyer’s Guide — Choosing your Own Marine Battery Charger

Best Marine Battery Charger ReviewsHere’s everything you need to know about buying a marine battery charger.


Different batteries have different requirements for charging. Variations of batteries include AGM, lithium-ion, gel, and flooded lead-acid. Simply check your prospective charger for which battery types it supports. We have recommended plenty of flexible chargers, but it is still best to check that your battery type is supported. Good chargers will adapt to the battery type through current and voltage.


A flexible battery is a useful battery. Although most marine batteries use a 12V, you should consider your other devices. Luckily, some batteries that allow both 12V and 6V. Some of these require manual switching of the voltages, and others can switch automatically. Remember that your battery must match your chargers, and should be apt for its power source.

Power Source

Large on-board chargers will need a shore power supply to be effective while docked up and left alone. But if you don’t plan on leaving it overnight, simply bring home your charger and power it up there. Portable chargers have the advantage of transport ease in that case.


Consider first where you will use your charger and how often it will be in use. Chargers stored in boats should be waterproof and, hopefully, shockproof. Otherwise, keeping chargers off-boat is a good option. Chargers that won’t be exposed to the elements can afford to have fewer durability features. Among these should be safety features.


Electrical items should have safety features for protecting the user from mishaps. Any charger should have a protective feature for reverse polarity. Other features include the number of fuses and protection for imbalanced temperature, voltage, and current. These are essential if you will leave the charger on unsupervised for several hours.

Charging Time

This is dependent on the battery itself. These factors would be the battery’s type and size. Generally, a powerful charger can charge faster. Consider this for when you decide if you will bring the charger on your boat.

Recovery Time

A charger with a higher amperage will decrease the recovery time of the batteries. Consider the period of time you will spend on your boat. If your boating periods come in days, aim to lessen your recovery time. If you spend shorter hours on your boat, recovery times will not be so important. Recovery times will also match the size and portability of the charger.


The size of your chosen charger should be appropriate for the size of your vessel. Also, consider where your charger will be stored. Larger charges which will have more features are best suited for larger boats. Portable batteries would not need to be fixed in one storage spot.

On-Board Vs Portable Boat Battery Chargers

Portable chargers are generally smaller than on-board chargers. Choosing between them will come down to the size of your boat. Smaller boats would better suit portable models. Larger boats can be equipped with on-board chargers that can handle several batteries at a time through numerous banks.


Another mark of a flexible charger is how many banks or charging ports it has. Consider how many batteries you will charge to figure out how best to maximize your banks. You may also want to leave one or two extra banks for batteries you may buy.

It’s important to ask questions to ensure that you’re getting the right charger for your needs. Here are the frequently asked questions regarding marine battery chargers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about marine battery boxes:

What’s a Good Number of Banks to Have on my Charger?

It depends how many batteries you have. It’s best to match your number of banks to the number of batteries so you can charge them simultaneously if need be. You may also opt to buy a charger that features a couple of extra banks.

What is The Necessary Charger Size For My Deep Cycle Battery?

Consider more how much current it can accept and how large or powerful the battery itself is. The amount of current it can take, or amperage, is also dependent on the battery type. For example, an AGM can accept amps of 40% of the capacity.

What If My Charger Overheats?

Quality chargers will generally be less prone to overheating than cheap chargers. These quality chargers have safety measures that will help control the temperature of the charger. Microprocessors are also used to help your battery adjust between trickle charge and full charge mode. Ideally, the charger temperature and mode should adjust to its environment.

With our buyer’s guide and the FAQs answered, here are some final tips before you finally set out on your marine battery charger purchase.

Marine Battery Charger Review Conclusion

Any boat that holds marine batteries should be accommodated by a battery charger. Good quality chargers will be safe and efficient. They can adjust to temperature and different types of batteries. Chargers like these are top-rated and deliver the performance you need.

Aside from charging your essential batteries, find a charger that can handle your other tools, such as a music player, a bilge pump, or your GPS. These capabilities will make boating a more convenient endeavor, so choose wisely. Consider the factors of size, quantity, voltage, current, and safety functions. Think about where you will likely be charging your batteries.

Some prefer to charge on-board, and this is best done with durable, waterproof chargers that can be hooked up to a power source on the shore. Otherwise, we recommend you use a portable charger which you can bring from your home to your boat.

Being discerning about these qualities will definitely ensure a safe, convenient, and happy boating experience. Chargers are essential for regular boaters. Even more essential are good quality ones. We hope you can use this guide to attain the best boating life you can.