5 Best Marine Circuit Breakers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Maintenance of a boat engine is an important part of keeping a boat running smoothly. Regular checks and services prevent the engine from seizing up or breaking, resulting in potentially expensive and time consuming repairs. Boat engine fuel additives help to keep an engine healthy and running smoothly by providing certain chemicals which the engine requires.

Best Best Marine Circuit Breakers

Here are our Marine Circuit Breaker reviews.

1. Blue Sea Systems 187 Series Circuit Breaker

Blue Sea Systems 187 Series, 285 Series & Klixon Circuit Breakers

The Fuel Ox Complete Fuel Treatment and Combustion Catalyst is a high quality boat engine fuel additive designed to improve the health of an engine. This product cuts regenerations and emissions. It provides an earlier ignition and through burn of fuel.

  • Lubricates & cleans engine
  • Protects against ethanol
  • Increases fuel economy by 10%
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2. T Tocas Circuit Breaker for Boat

T Tocas 50 A Circuit Breaker Amp Breakers With Switch Manual Reset For Boat Marine Rv Yacht Battery

The Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a protective additive for boat engine fuel. This additive is composed of a formula which promises to stabilize gasoline for up to 2 years. It promotes smooth running of a boats engine.

  • Prevents phase separation
  • Promotes easy engine starting
  • Cures & prevents ethanol problems
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3. LYCAEA Circuit Breaker for Boat

Lycaea Circuit Breaker For Boat Trolling With Manual Reset,water Proof,12v 48v Dc (surface Mount 60

The Mercury Marine Quickleen Engine and Fuel System Cleaner is a deep cleaning boat engine fuel additive. This formula is usable throughout the boating season. 1 Ounce of this additive treats 5 gallons of fuel.

  • Aggressive cleaning thoroughly removes carbon deposits
  • Extends spark plug life
  • Prevents engine knocking
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4. Blue Sea Systems A-Series Toggle Single Pole Circuit Breaker

Blue Sea Systems A Series Toggle Single Pole Circuit Breakers

The Yamaha Outboard Ring Free Plus Fuel Additive is a thoroughly cleaning boat engine fuel additive from a reputable company. This additive provides superior deposit control. It therefore promotes performance of the boats engine.

  • Contains metal filmers for extra protection
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Supports intake valves
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5. Johnson Outdoors Minnkota MKR-19 Circuit Breaker

Johnson Outdoors 1865106 Minnkota Mkr 19 Circuit Breaker 60a Waterproof

The STA-BIL 360 Marine Fuel Stabilizer is a high quality additive for boat engine fuel. This product is available in a variety of sizes. It is also compatible with a range of engine types making it a versatile additive.

  • Top water removing properties
  • Prevents corrosion
  • 1 oz teats 10 gallons of fuel
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Marine Circuit Breaker Buyer’s Guide

Choosing high quality boat engine fuel additive is a wise investment for a boat owner. A relatively low priced-item, engine additive could be mistaken as not being important. In terms of maintaining the good condition of the engine, it is actually a very important item. The wear and tear of a functioning boat engine and the metals rubbing together will inevitable cause damage over time. Engine additive prevents this damage from happening.

Our buying guide reviews the best boat engine fuel additive on the market so you can choose the right additive for your engine. Following are some common features of boat engine fuel additive to look out for when considering which one to purchase.


Choosing a boat engine additive which provides a range of functions is a good idea. Some additives work to remove top waters and therefore prevent corrosion. Others aggressively clean the fuel injector and other parts of the fueling system. A combination of functions should be top of the list when looking for the right boat engine fuel additive.


Boat engine fuel additive is the type of product which you apply periodically when the need arises. Generally, applying the additive once or twice per year will be enough. This can vary depending on the amount of mileage you will travel on your boat, which may mean you require more regular application. Getting good value by checking the amount of additive you will get for your money is a good idea. A good bottle of engine additive should last you a long time if you purchase a significant amount.


Boat engine additives are compatible with different engine types. Some will be suited to certain types of engines. Other additives will be compatible specifically with 2-Stroke while others will be universal.


The viscosity of boat engine fuel additive is the measurement of how easily additive pours at specific temperature. The lower the viscosity number is, the thinner the additive. This will result in easier pouring than a boat engine fuel additive which has a high viscosity number; however these additives are more effective at maintaining strength of film and pressure at higher temperatures.