5 Best Marine Ignition Switches (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Electronics are used on boats for multiple purposes. Lights require electricity, as do speakers, receivers, navigation systems and many other pieces of equipment. Where there are electronics, there will inevitably be switches. Marine ignition switches are devices which start the ignition with a simple switch movement.

Best Marine Ignition Switches

Here are our marine ignition switches reviews.

1. Nilight 90012E Heavy Duty Rocker Toggle

Nilight 90012e Heavy Duty Rocker Toggle 15a 250v 20a 125v Spst 2pin On Off Switch Metal Bat Waterpr

The Nilight 90012E Heavy Duty Rocker Toggle is a premium marine ignition pitch at a very affordable price. This product comes as a 5 pack of switches in smart silver black and red design.  The switches are SPST 2 terminal pin connectors.

  • Plastic and metal composition
  • Waterproof boot caps
  • 15 amps power
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2. Sierra International MP41030 Medium Ignition Switch

Sierra International Mp41030 Medium Ignition Switch

The Sierra International MP41030 Medium Ignition Switch is a highly practical option when looking for a marine ignition switch. This item comes with a back up nut, brass face nut and knurled black plastic with rubber cap. The hole size is 7/8 inches.

  • Maximum corrosion protection
  • Non-conductive housing protects against shorts
  • Best value in class
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3. AIPICO Heavy Duty Marine Ignition Switch for Boats

Brand New Heavy Duty Marine Ignition Switch For Boats Mp39060 1

The AIPICO Heavy Duty Marine Ignition Switch for Boats is a brand new aftermarket 3 position brass ignition switch. This product is made from high quality brass. It is backed by a 100 % customer satisfaction warranty.

  • Anti corrosion materials
  • 2 keys included
  • Tested for compatibility
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4. SEARCHOICE 11651 Ignition Starter Switch

Seachoice 11651 Johnson Evinrude Ignition Starter Switch

The SEARCHOICE 11651 Ignition Starter Switch is a high quality marine ignition switch from a well known marine product manufacturer. This switch includes two keys in the set. It is compatible with most OMC inboard/outboard applications.

  • Push to choke feature
  • No need for separate choke switch
  • 6 terminals
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5. SouthMarine Boat Engine Ignition Switch

Southmarine Boat Engine 87 17009a2 Ignition Switch For Mercury Outboard Motor Control Box, 3 Positio

The SouthMarine Boat Engine Ignition Switch is a 3-position marine ignition switch. This piece of equipment is versatile and compatible with a range of boat ignitions. It features a off-run-start mechanism which is easy to use.

  • Push to choke
  • Polyester construction
  • 6 color coded wire leads
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Marine Ignition Switches Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a marine ignition switch is an important investment for a boat owner.  Prices are generally low, usually around the $20 – $30 mark.  While the price may seem quite low, a good portable ignition switch is well worth investing in.  A portable ignition switch is not a required piece of equipment on a boat, but is essential if the boat needs to be started or if the old ignition switch needs replacing.

Our buying guide reviews the best marine ignition switches on the market so you can choose the right marine ignition switch for your boat.   The following features are included on most marine ignition switches and will help you to choose which features you need on a marine ignition switch for your boat.


Marine ignition switches are made of corrosion-resistant materials because they are installed at the bow of the boat where they may be exposed to and sea spray.  Common materials include stainless steel, plastics and other metals.  Be sure to buy a marine ignition switch that is made of high-quality materials for a long service life.  Stainless steel is the strongest and best choice for long term use.

Installation Process

Marine ignition switches should ideally be quick and easy to install. Look for one which includes the necessary bolts and hardware this will speed up the process and have you out on the water using your marine ignition switch in no time.


Boat marine ignition switches are used to start the ignition onboard a boat, therefore they need to give use certain amounts of power. Many ignition switches will use 12v of power, whilst being compatible with 6v fuses also. Ignition switches which feature a six wire design to ensure they receive the required power needed to ignite the engine.


As with any electrical products, ignition switches should be fitted with certain safety protection features. These features include reverse polarity, spark-proof technology, thermal protection, ignition protection and protection from over charging. These features ultimately ensure that the battery ignition switch is as safe as possible and minimize the risk of anything going wrong.