5 Best Mechanical Steering Kits for Boats (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Steering a boat is one of the most important aspects of safe and effective boating. Correct steering can help to avoid accidents, improve fuel efficiency and generally make the experience more enjoyable for those on board. A mechanical steering kit is a mechanism which provides support and makes steering an effortless, safe process.

Best Mechanical Steering Kits

Here are our mechanical steering kit reviews.

1. Xtreme NFB Steering Kit

Xtreme Nfb Steering Kit

The Xtreme NFB Steering kit is a complete steering system for a boat. Included in this kit is a new helm, high efficiency steering cable and new style bezel. The same kit is available in a tilt version if this is required for a particular boat.

  • Quick connect feature makes installation easy
  • Lowest steering effort mechanical helm offered in the marketplace
  • NFB rotary system for efficient usage
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2. Teleflex SH1535094 NFB Marine Kit

Teleflex Sh1535094 Nfb Marine Kit

The Teleflex SH1535094 NFB Marine Kit is a high quality mechanical steering kit which is backed by a two year recreational user warranty against manufacturer defects. This kit includes all of the necessary components for a fully functioning mechanical tilt steering.

  • Dash tilt module
  • DIY and easy to install
  • OEM quality ensured
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3. Domestic SeaStar Steering KIT NFB 2.2

Domestic Seastar Steering Kit Nfb 2.2

The Domestic SeaStar Steering KIT NFB 2.2 is a mechanical steering kit which is made from high quality materials and is easy to install. This kit features a twin cable system available for maximum control. It also comes will al necessary screws and hardware.

  • Patented no feedback steering mechanism
  • Stainles steel cable output ends
  • Comfort 4.2 turns from lock to lock
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4. Monroe SA1930 Magnum Steering Kit

Monroe Sa1930 Magnum Steering Kit

The Monroe SA1930 Magnum Steering Kit is a complete mechanical steering kit at a very affordable price. This steering kit contains special modifiers which reduce the amount of friction and make for smooth rod reaction.

  • Full displaced valves for smoothness
  • All weather resistant
  • Heavy duty nitro carburized rod
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5. Seastar SS137xx Safe-T Quick Connect Rotary Steering System

Seastar Ss137xx Safe T Quick Connect Rotary Steering System

The Seastar SS137xx Safe-T Quick Connect Rotary Steering System is a reliable choice when it comes to mechanical steering kits. This kit includes the cable, a 90 degrees bezel and all of the hardware required for easy installation.

  • Meets A.B.Y.C standards
  • Quick response of 3 turns lock-to-lock
  • Stainless steel cable output ends
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Mechanical Steering Kit Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right mechanical steering kit is imperative for a boat owner.  Sticker shock is common for a new or replacement boat owner, as prices are typically near or over $1,000 but can reach over $3’000 for top of the range steering kits.  While the price may seem high, a good steering kit is well worth the cost.  Mechanical steering kits allow you to maneuver your boat side to side safely and avoid accidents, so are a worthy investment.

Our buying guide reviews the best mechanical steering kits on the market so you can choose the right one for your boat.   The following features are included on most steering kits and will help you to choose which features you require for your specific boat.


Mechanical steering kits are generally easy to install, and all of the necessary hardware should be included. The installation should be straight forward so you can get to using your mechanical steering kit in a short time.

Steering kit components

There are types of mechanical steering kits to fit all variations of boats. Some of the most common steering kits components are; cables, helms, bezels, and mounting equipment for mechanical steering kits.


A great thing about mechanical steering kits is that they generally require very little maintenance. The operating cost after installation is low, as long as the steering kit is used correctly.


It is important to ensure that you have adequate and sustained energy supply for the Mechanical steering kit to work properly. Most steering kits run from 12v of power, but some are compatible with 24 volts. If you face windy conditions, your steering kit needs enough power to avoid significant loss of thrust.