5 Best Men’s Swimming Trunks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Men’s swimming trunks are the perfect compromise between minimal swimming wear and acceptable decency. Whether out on the beach or hanging out with friends at the pool, men’s swimming trunks are designed to be stylish for if you want to just hang around, yet fairly hydrodynamic for if you want to take a dive. The ideal men’s swimming trunk should be very comfortable, easy to maintain, and should make you look good.

Best Men’s Swimming Trunks

To help you save some shopping time, we have compiled a list of our top five men’s swimming trunks from which we are sure you’ll find a product that suits your style and will last.

1. Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks

Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda Swim Trunks (regular & Extended Sizes)

First, on our list, the Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda boasts of impressive reviews and comes in an assortment of colors, a knee-long design, and comes with cargo pockets on the side. It is made from polyester, comes with a drawstring closure, and supports machine wash. It is also very lightweight, boasts of excellent UV protection, and is highly breathable.

  • Lightweight and highly breathable.
  • Great variety with extra cargo pockets.
  • Excellent UV protection.
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2. Amazon Essentials Men’s Quick-Dry 9″

Amazon Essentials Men's Quick Dry 9 Swim Trunk

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Quick-Dry sports a sleek design and is 100% nylon. Built to satisfy, it comes with an elastic closure and waistband for a perfect fit across varying waist sizes and is machine-washable. It doesn’t soak up water and so dries very quickly, comes with rear and side pockets, and is very comfortable and durable.

  • Quick-dry and easy to maintain.
  • Very comfortable and breathable.
  • Elastic for perfect fit and machine-washable.
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3. MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks

Maamgic Mens Swim Trunks Quick Dry Funny Shorts With Mesh Lining Swimwear Bathing Suits

The MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks combines a 100% Polyester composition with a trendy, above-the-knee design perfect for the beach. It comes with a mesh lining, three pockets to store extra accessories and boasts of 10-minute drying time. It also comes in a variety of sizes and an adjustable waistband for the perfect fit.

  • Trendy, above-knee design with adjustable waistband.
  • Quick-dry, lightweight, and smooth texture.
  • Extra pocket space with mesh lining.
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4. Speedo Men’s Swim Trunk

Speedo Men's Swim Trunk Short Length Redondo Solid

The Speedo Men’s Swim Trunk comes with a short, sleek design for the utmost comfort and breathability. Made from polyester, it is better hand-washed, dries very quickly, and offers excellent UV protection. It comes with a mesh basket lining, is highly water-repellent, and stretches for the perfect fit.

  • Very comfortable and breathable.
  • Excellent UV protection, hand-washed, and quick dry.
  • Water-repellent and comes with mesh lining.
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5. SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks

Silkworld Men's Swim Trunks Quick Dry Beach Shorts With Pockets

The SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks are built for superior comfort and maintainability. Made from 100% nylon, it is very breathable, lightweight, dries very quickly, and is great for swimming and other beach sports. It comes with a drawstring closure for the perfect fit, a mesh lining for added comfort, and three pockets to take along all you’ll need.

  • Superior comfort and breathability.
  • Easy to maintain and dries quickly.
  • Comes with pockets and mesh lining.
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Men’s Swimming Trunks Buying Guide

Men’s swimming trunks are a must-have in every man’s summer swimming kit, and allow for more emphasis on comfort and style than safety – In winter where waters are cold and pose the risk of hypothermia, full-body swimming kits are needed to ensure you stay warm.

Men’s swimming trunks offer excellent mobility and comfort, are also very affordable, and dare to be stylish.

Our buying guide reviews the best swimming trunks on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to give you the best options to choose from. We also take it a step further and outline the factors you should consider when scouting for a swimming trunk before making a purchase.

Size and Fit

The size and fit of your swimming trunks are probably one of the most important considerations to make. Swimming trunks that are too large will look drab, likely fold along the waistline, and generate significant drag in the water. On the other hand, trunks that are too tight will feel restrictive and uncomfortable. Your swimming trunks should fit loosely and should not constrict your movement in any way. It should come with an adjustable drawstring closure and flexible waistband for a good fit.

Good fitting swimming trunks will also look good out of the water and can be worn with tee shirts for the summer look.


The material from which your swimming trunks are made from is another important consideration to make. Nylon and polyester are the most common materials to look out for and allow for quick drying as they don’t soak up water. They are also very lightweight and breathable while offering excellent UV protection.

Heavier materials like cotton should be avoided as these soak up water and feel very heavy and take much longer to dry.

Mesh Lining or Not

Many swimming trunks come with an inner mesh lining that helps cradle the genitals closer to the body to prevent accidental contact with fast-moving legs while swimming. Some men, however, don’t like the feel of the mesh lining and if you are one of them, you can opt for swimming trunks that don’t have them. A great tip is to buy a swimming trunk with the mesh lining and then cut it out after.