5 Best Mooring Whips (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Mooring is an important aspect of safe boating. Mooring is the process of securing a boat to a mooring in order to stall its movement – for getting off the boat, enjoying the scenery or fishing. Mooring whips are alternatives to mooring lines. They are akin to large fishing piles mounted to the dock, which are connected the boat to secure it.

Best Mooring Whips

Here are our mooring whip reviews.

1. Dock Edge Mooring Whips & Arms

Dock Edge Mooring Whips & Arms

The Dock Edge Mooring Whips & Arms is a premium mooring whip which includes all ropes and hardware required for installation.  This mooring whip also includes a roller tip, tie off cleat and solid cast aluminum base for improved durability.

  • Suitable for boats up to 23ft long
  • Unique plug and socket system for easy installation
  • Manufactured with reinforced cross wound fiberglass
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2. General Marine Products Mooring Whips

General Marine Products Mooring Whips

The General Marine Products Mooring Whips is a high quality, complete set of mooring whips in one size fits. They are designed for boats up to 40ft or 20’00 lbs. The whip bases come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Powder coated for resistance from the elements
  • Poles made from solid fiberglass and bases from welded aluminum
  • 14 ft length per pole
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3. General Marine Products Mooring Whips Mounted Solid Poles

General Marine Products Mooring Whips Mounted Solid Poles

The General Marine Products Mooring Whips Mounted Solid Poles are durable and sturdy mooring whips. They have adequate strength to moor boats up to 40ft in length and protect the boat from dock damage.

  • Powder coated aluminum will withstand any weather condition
  • 14ft length
  • Swivels to a vertical position and locks in place for easy mooring
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4. Dock Edge + Dock-Side Premium Mooring Whip

Dock Edge + Dock Side Premium Mooring Whip

The Dock Edge + Dock-Side Premium Mooring Whip is a simple, effective piece of equipment which combines ease of use and durability. Multi stage manufacturing gives this whip the strength and flex to hold a boat when mooring.

  • Solid fiberglass rod
  • Each whip includes roller tip and tie off cleat
  • “Plug and socket” design makes for quick and easy separation
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5. Taylor Made Products Mooring Whip

Taylor Made Products Mooring Whip

The Taylor Made Products Mooring Whip provides an economical and safe way to protect a boat from mooring damage.  This mooring whip pulls the boat safely at a distance minimize the risk of damage even if the water is rough.

  • Fixed 60 degree angle bases
  • 12ft in length
  • High quality solid fiberglass rods, aluminum-magnesium bases units and tips
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Mooring Whip Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a mooring whip is a worth investment for a boat owner.  The convenience the whips provide is worth the cost, which ranges from $60 for a single rod or up to $500 for a full set. The amount of rods required will depend on the weight and size of your boat. Mooring can be an arduous process but using mooring whips makes it much easier and more convenient.

Our buying guide reviews the best mooring whips on the market so you can choose the best one for you. The following features are included on most mooring whips and will help you to choose which features to consider.


Mooring whip poles are usually made from high quality fiberglass, because it is very strong but also malleable. Cross wound reinforced fiberglass adds even more strength, which may be needed when mooring larger boats. The base units need to be exceptionally secure so heavy duty metals are commonly used for these, as well as for the tips which attach to the lines.


The length of a mooring whip needs to be enough so that your boat doesn’t move towards the dock if there are waves or choppy waters. 14ft should be an adequate distance to minimize the risk of your boat getting damaged by a collision.


Installing Mooring Whips should be an easy process. Most of them are attached at the metal base by screwing into the platform. Check that the whip comes with the necessary hardware required for installing – this will save you time and effort.


Some mooring whips feature plug and socket systems which make for easy adjusting, removing or connecting. Poles which swivel in position make the attachment process quick and easy.