5 Best Mounted Battery Chargers for Boats (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Charging batteries and other electrical items while on a boat is an important part of fully functioning boating. There are a variety of battery powered items which are frequently used and therefore require regular charging to ensure that they can be used when required. Mounted battery charges provide a convenient way of charging and don’t take up too much space on the boat.

Best Mounted Battery Chargers for Boats

Here are our Mounted Battery Charges for Boat reviews.

1. NOCO Genius GENM2 Bank On-Board Battery Charger

Noco Genius Genm2 Bank On Board Battery Charger

The NOCO Genius GENM2 Bank On Board Battery Charger is a top of the line mounted battery charge made from a reputable company. This charger provides enough power for maintaining two 12-volt batteries independently.

  • 8 Amp power charger
  • Saltwater tested to combat corrosion
  • One of the most advanced battery chargers
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2. Guest 2707A ChargePro On-Board Battery Charger

Guest 2707a Chargepro On Board Battery Charger

The Guest 2707A ChargePro On-Board Battery charger is a dual bank battery charger. This item provides maxiumum safety wuith its reverse polarity design. It gives off 12v of power on two separate banks so two items can be charged up at once.

  • For all 12 volt flooded and AGM lead acid batteries
  • 2 year warranty
  • 100 % waterproof
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3. Noco Genius G3500 AMP Battery Charger & Maintainer

Noco Genius G3500 Amp Battery Charger & Maintainer

The Noco Genius G3500 AMP Battery Charger & Maintainer is a reliable and solid mounted battery charger. This product is highly versatile and provides quick charging for most electrical items. It is ideal for keeping your vehicles fully charged at all times.

  • Compatible with all 6 volt and 12 volt led acid batteries
  • Optimized charge mode
  • 120-amp hours
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4. HUINE Waterproof Solar Charge Controller

Huine Waterproof Solar Charge Controller

The HUINE Waterproof Solar Charge Controller is a good deal on an efficient mounted battery charger. This charger is a complete set, coming with all necessary crocodile clips and wires. This item is suitable for outdoor use.

  • Easy to mount
  • 100 % waterproof
  • Short circuit protection
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5. YONHAN Quick Charge Waterproof Power Outlet

Yonhan Quick Charge Waterproof Power Outlet

The YONHAN Quick Charge Waterproof Power Outlet is a lightweight charger which will not take up too much space on a boat. This item is available at an affordable price and has an all metal, robust design to withstand the wears and tears of boating.

  • All-round protection
  • Voltmeter Function
  • Dual charger support
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Mounted Battery Chargers for Boat Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a mounted battery charger is an important investment for a boat owner.  Prices are not too high, usually around the $150 mark.  While the price may seem quite low, a good portable charger is well worth investing in.  A portable charger is not a required piece of equipment on a boat, but if the boat needs to be jump started or if important battery powered equipment needs charging it is essential.

Our buying guide reviews the best mounted battery chargers on the market so you can choose the right mounted battery charger for your boat.   The following features are included on most mounted battery chargers and will help you to choose which features you need on a mounted battery charger for your boat.


Boat mounted battery chargers are used to charge the batteries onboard a boat, therefore they need to give out certain amounts of power. Many chargers will give out 12v of power, whilst being compatible with 6v batteries also. Chargers which feature a dual design are capable of charging two batteries at once and therefore require more power.


Mounted battery chargers should ideally be quick and easy to install. Look for one which includes the necessary bolts and hardware this will speed up the process and have you out on the water using your mounted battery charger in no time.


Mounted battery chargers are made of corrosion-resistant materials because they are installed at the bow of the boat where they may be exposed to and sea spray.  Common materials include stainless steel, plastics and other metals.  Be sure to buy a mounted battery charger that is made of high-quality materials for a long service life.  Stainless steel is the strongest and best choice for long term use.

Safety Features

Mounted battery chargers should be fitted with certain safety protection features. These features include reverse polarity, spark-proof technology, thermal protection, ignition protection and protection from over charging. These features ultimately ensure that the battery charger is as safe as possible and minimize the risk of anything going wrong.