5 Best Onboard Boat Storage Products (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Storage is a main priority when travelling by boat. Utilizing space wisely improves the safety of the boat, makes it easier to locate important items and generally makes the area look tidier. Having sturdy and organised storage space allows for a relaxed journey and eliminates the stress of having loose items on the boat.

Best Onboard Boat Storage Products

Here are our boat storage reviews.

1. KwikTek T-Top PFD storage bag

Kwiktek T Top Pfd Storage Bag

The KwikTek T-Top is a safety focused storage pack designed to contain Type II life jackets and other gear. This pack has a nylon-zippered main compartment making access to life jackets easy, a stretch cord across the bottom where towels or important items of clothing can be kept and is made from UV and water resistant material.

  • Mounts to most bimini tops, T-tops and pontoon tops
  • Holds 6 type II PFD life jackets
  • Manufactured from UV and water resistant polyester pack cloth
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2. Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box

Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box

The Plano Dry Storage Box is a durable, high quality container ideal for storing small essential items such as torches, chemicals or fishing gear. The box is 11.625 x 5.125 x 7.125 inches so can be easily stored on the boat, has a comfortable top handle for lifting and a water resistant ring seal.

  • USA made using the highest quality components
  • Water resistant ring seal (not intended for water submersion)
  • Comfortable top handle for easy moving
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3. SavvyCraft T-top Hard Top Boat Life Jacket Storage Bag 

Savvycraft T Top Hard Top Boat Life Jacket Storage Bag 

The SavvyCraft T-top storage bag is an attachable bag which holds up to 6 life jackets. It is easy to mount to T-tops, bimini and pontoon tops and has five compartments, two are zippered and three are mesh pockets. The bag is made from durable polyester which is both water resistant and UV treated.

  • Easily mountable to most tops
  • Holds 6 type-2 life jackets with excess space for other gear
  • Stretch cord zig-zagging for hanging towels or other rain gear
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4. Rig Rite 1200 BoatGo Storage Net, 42”

Rig Rite 1200 Boatgo Storage Net, 42”

The Rig Rite 1200 Storage Net is ideal when travelling in windy conditions, and the perfect size for storing a variety of items. It is easy to attach to the boat and allows for quick access to clothes, life jackets and other essentials. The net stretches from 10 to 18 inches depending on the size of the items which require storing.

  • Ideal for storing clothes, tackle or safety equipment
  • Prevents items from blowing out of the boat
  • Fits any boat with width stretching from 10 – 18 inches
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5. MTM Survivor Dry Box with O-Ring Seal

Mtm Survivor Dry Box With O Ring Seal

The MTM Survivor box provides dry storage perfectly sized for backpacks and gear bags. It is made to endure extreme conditions and is secured with a padlock tab. It features handy accessories such as a built-in compass and a signalling mirror. The box is available in three sizes depending on the types of items which require storing.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Water resistant with triple latch O-Ring seal
  • Built in compass, signalling mirror and padlock tab
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Boat Storage Buyer’s Guide

Best Onboard Boat Storage ProductsSelecting the appropriate storage is essential for boat owners to maximize space and efficiency on their boat. Investing in multiple storage units is a good idea to keep important items categorised and easy to find. For a couple of hundred dollars, it is possible to get waterproof boxes, nets and emergency equipment bags which can be stored in a way that doesn’t waste space and keeps the boat looking tidy.

Our buying guide provides a breakdown of the best storage options on the market to aid your search for the appropriate storage for your boat’s particular needs. Here is a breakdown of the features commonly found when looking at boat storage to help you identify which would be right for your boat.

Water Resistance

Boat storage boxes and units are useful for keeping important items from getting wet or affected by bad weather conditions. It is important to not confuse water-resistant materials with water-proof materials – the former will withstand rain on the outside of the box but not being submerged in water. Be sure to check the used materials to avoid getting items wet and to know where to keep the boxes on your boat.


Boat storage nets and bags are usually attached using clips or ties which fasten onto a part of the boat. It is important to check that the storage is compatible with the particular type of top that you have on your boat, for example some will fit onto T-tops, bimini and pontoon tops, whereas some may fit onto only one of those. Therefore checking that the storage and your boat are compatible will make finding a place for a box, bag or net easy for you.


The aim of storage is to utilize space as efficiently as possible, and so many boat storage units will have multi-functional features for your convenience. Bags may have stretch-cords for hanging wet items to dry and boxes may be fitted with navigation tools or cup holders. Depending on your specific needs, it is worth checking the accessories of the storage item to see if you can combine uses and save space on the boat.


Boat storage comes in many different sizes to suit the items you wish to store. Measuring your items before buying is imperative to selecting the correct storage. It would then be a good idea to draw up a plan of your boat so you can visualise where the storage will fit and if it will logistically work. Most storage units have small, medium or large options so you can choose based on your personal needs.