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Outboard covers are important because they provide very cost-effective protection for your outboard motor.  Outboard motors are very expensive, and when properly maintained they can last for 50 years.  Outboard covers are important because they keep water and sun from damaging sensitive seal, fittings, and electronics.  Our buying guide helps you understand the most important features to keep your outboard motor in tip-top shape.

Best Outboard Motor Covers

Here are our outboard cover reviews.

1. Windstorm Outboard Boat Motor Covers

Windstorm Outboard Boat Motor Covers Heavy Duty 600d Polyester Marine Canvas

The Windstorm Outboard Motor Cover is a great choice for any boat because of the great selection of size and color.  Choosing the right size is important because it guarantees a snug fit for protection that is not too loose.  A loose cover is prone to be blown off by the wind.  This cover’s selection of nine different colors will help you to choose the cover that best matches your boat.

  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Available in 5 different sizes up to 300 HP
  • Easy Slip-On design made to fit closely with a webbing strap and buckle for a secure fit
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2. OUTERENVY American Patriot Outboard Motor Cover

Outerenvy American Patriot Outboard Motor Cover For Yamaha, Suzuki And Mercury

The American Patriot Outboard Motor Cover makes a stylish statement of patriotism.  This cover can be used while your engine is running for added protection from rain and UV rays.  A patent-pending closure is included to keep your cover in place at high speed or in high winds.

  • Available in sizes to fit 19 different Mercury, Yamaha, or Suzuki engines
  • Designed to be used while your engine is running
  • Patent-pending technology keeps covers secure at high speed
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3. Oceansouth Custom Fit Storage Covers

Oceansouth Custom Fit Storage Covers For Yamaha V6 4.2l Outboards F225

The Oceansouth Custom Fit Storage cover is designed to be tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.  The protective inner lining prevents the cover from scratching or damaging your outboard motor.  The polyester canvas shell takes a beating from the sun and weather so your motor will not have to take a beating.

  • Protective soft felt inner lining
  • Polyester canvas assures maximum water resistance, UV protection, and breathability
  • Excellent for trailer and storage
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4. Yamaha OEM Heavy Duty Offshore Outboard Motor Cover

Yamaha Oem Heavy Duty 4.2l Offshore Outboard Motor Cover Mar Mtrcv F4 2l

The Yamaha OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cover is the best choice if you have a Yamaha outboard because it fits perfectly to manufacturer specifications.  The Yamaha outboard cover shows your brand pride in your engine, even while it is covered.  This cover is secure for long term storage or while towing your boat on the trailer.

  • Secure and tight, fits snug around the fuel hose connection
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Yamaha design fits perfect
  • Designed to be used in storage or while traveling on the road
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5. PrimeShield Heavy Duty Outboard Motor Cover

Roll Over Image To Zoom In Primeshield Heavy Duty Outboard Motor Cover 600d Waterproof Motor Hood Cover

The PrimeShield Heavy Duty Outboard Motor Cover is simple, tough protection.  This cover is made of tough fabric, and with a drawstring and toggle at the bottom, it will stay in place.  This cover is available in sizes that fit up to a 150 HP powerhead.

  • Available in Three Colors
  • Available in four sizes up to 150 HP
  • Cover fits secure with a toggle and cord
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6. Silvotek Full Outboard Motor Cover

Silvotek Boat Motor Covers Full Outboard Motor Cover With 600d Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric

The Silvotek Full Outboard Motor Cover fits your entire outboard, not just the powerhead.  This cover is a great choice for long-term storage because it covers everything from the cowling to the skeg.

  • Available in 7 sizes up to 225 HP
  • Full motor cover
  • Uses a zipper, drawstring, and toggle to fit secure
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7. AOLVO Outboard Motor Cover

Aolvo Outboard Motor Cover, Full Outboard Engine Cover Waterproof Boat Cover

The AOLVO Outboard Motor Cover is a full outboard cover that is available in six sizes up to 225 HP.  This cover is great for protecting your entire motor from harsh elements and maintaining a like-new finish.  Be sure to measure carefully if you have a long-shaft outboard to ensure that the entire outboard will fit in the cover.

  • Available in 6 sizes up to 225 HP
  • Full outboard motor cover
  • Anti-scratch design prevents the surface from scratching sharp goods
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8. Attwood 10544 Marine Boat Cover

Attwood 10544 Marine Boat Cotton Canvas Hood For Outboard Motors 115 225hp

Attwood has a fantastic reputation for RV and boat covers, and their canvas hood will protect your outboard motor for years.  Available in sizes up to 300 HP, this cover will protect even the largest outboards.

  • Available in 5 sizes up to 300 HP
  • The outside acrylic coating enhances UV resistance
  • Inside non-abrasive lining protects the outboard motor’s finish
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9. TUYU Outboard Motor Cover

Tuyu Outboard Motor Cover Up To 20hp, Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover

The TUYU Outboard Motor Cover is a small cover for small engines.  This cover fits the most popular sizes from all of the major manufacturers of outboard motors.

  • Fits motors up to 20 HP
  • Camouflage green color
  • Universal size fits Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, and Tohatsu
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10. ProtX Covers

Boat Motor Cover (sizes 10hp 300hp) Heavy Duty 600d Diamond Polyester

The ProtX outboard cover is a fantastic buy because it has two important features.  The first feature is the tie-down grommets, which are good for extra security while towing your boat or during strong winds.  The second important feature is the built-in ventilation.  This is important in high humidity areas or for long-term storage because covers that are not ventilated can trap condensation causing damage to your motor and mildew on the cover.

  • Ventilated cover design
  • Trailerable with extra tie-down grommets
  • Buckle down fastening straps
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Outboard Covers Buyer’s Guide

Best Outboard Cover ReviewThere are a few attributes to consider when buying an outboard cover.   These include the fit, color, and fastening mechanisms.


Fit is essential when buying any cover.  You should plan for the cover to remain in place un-attended for long-term storage.  Even if you frequently see your boat in your driveway and you will have the opportunity to tighten it, plan for the worst because all it takes for the cover to disappear is one gust of wind.  Most outboard covers are sold by the size of the engine in horsepower.  This is easy to match because the HP of the engine is usually listed in large numbers on the engine cover, but if you are buying a full-length cover be sure that if you have a “long shaft” outboard it will fit within the length of the cover.


Color is important because you will want to match your boat cover or the color of your boat.  The risk is that an ugly or uncoordinated cover will not be used as often as it should.  An outboard cover will do wonders to protect your engine, but it is of no use if it is sitting in a cabinet instead of covering your motor.


Mechanisms-Fastening mechanisms include drawstrings, tie-down grommets, and zippers.  Tie-down grommets are the most secure method to ensure your motor cover stays in place, but they take more work to rig lines to secure the cover to the boat.  Tie-downs are good for long term storage, but they are not desirable for frequent use unless you are in a high-wind area and require extra security.  Drawstrings are the most common, and they are very effective at securing powerhead covers.  Full motor covers typically use zippers, and when zipped closed they are completely secure and will not blow off.

Whatever color, fastening mechanism, style, or size you choose, the most important consideration is to make sure you use your outboard motor cover.  Outboard motors are very expensive, and the latest models include sensitive electronics.  A good cover will protect your outboard against harsh elements so that it lasts for generations.