5 Best Outboard Motor Carriers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Maneuvering an outboard motor can be a tricky affair. An outboard motor carrier comprises a frame, wheels and a support structure to which the motor can be attached. This allows for the outboard motor to be safely transported when the need arises, with minimal risk of injury or damage. The carrier is usually configured to hold the outboard motor in a semi-upright position when reclined.

Best Outboard Motor Carriers

Here are our outboard motor carrier reviews.

1. LEADALLWAY Outboard Boat Motor Stand Display Carrier Cart

Leadallway Outboard Boat Motor Stand Display Carrier Cart

The LEADALLWAY Outboard Boat Motor Stand Carrier is a reliable, lightweight carrier. A multi purposed product, this carrier is also useful for display and repairing. It has ergonomic handles which make steering easy.

  • Sturdy steel frame and steel screws included
  • Max weight hold 154lbs
  • Two 5.9 inch wheels fit for all terrains
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2. Rage Powersports 30 HP Outboard Motor Cart Stand

Rage Powersports 30 Hp Outboard Motor Cart Stand

The Rage Powersports 30 HP Outboard Motor Cart Stand is a outboard motor carrier of the highest quality It is ideal for moving boat engines up to 30 HP or 130lbs in weight. This carrier is available in three different sizes to suit larger or smaller motors.

  • Solid hanger black repels oil and gas
  • Includes large pneumatic wheels
  • Heavy duty tube steel frame
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3. 15 HP Outboard Motor Cart Engine Stand

15 Hp Outboard Motor Cart Engine Stand

The 15HP Outboard Motor Cart Engine Stand is a heavy duty outboard motor carrier with a smart aesthetically pleasing design. It is available in three different sizes depending on the motor. This carrier has soft grip handles to make for comfortable moving.

  • Moves boat engines up to 15HP or 85 lbs in weight
  • Durable steel frame
  • Large hard rubber dolly wheels
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4. TUFFIOM Outboard Boat Motor Stand Engine Carrier

Tuffiom Outboard Boat Motor Stand Engine Carrier

The TUFFIOM Outboard Boat Motor Stand Engine Carrier combines durability with practicality. This outboard motor carrier can handle up to 315lbs in weight making it perfect for large motors. The hanging board is made from solid wood for added stability.

  • Steel tubes for maximum strength
  • 2 ergonomic handles
  • 4 wheels for easy movement
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5. Goplus Superbuy Outboard Boat Motor Stand Carrier

Goplus Superbuy Outboard Boat Motor Stand Carrier

The Goplus Superbuy Outboard Boat Motor Stand Carrier is an affordable outboard motor carrier with a simple, solid design. It can withstand 310lbs of weight and is ideal for transporting large heavy motors. This carrier also can be used effectively for storage or repairing.

  • Four 8 inch rear wheels and two three inch universal caster wheels
  • Powder coated finish for any rust and water resistance
  • Made from solid steel
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Outboard Motor Carrier Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a suitable outboard motor carrier is an important investment for a boat owner.  Prices vary from $50 to $150 depending on the required capabilities of the carrier. It is a worthy investment as the chances are at some point the motor will need to be transported or repaired and having a carrier makes this process safe and less arduous. A good outboard motor carrier will last for a long time so choosing one of high quality is important to get good value for your money.

Our buying guide reviews the best outboard motor carriers on the market so you can choose the right carrier for your motor. The following features are included on many motor carriers and will help you to choose which suits your particular needs.

Wheel Design

It is important for an outboard motor carrier to have the ability to cope with multiple terrains. The wheels which are used on the carrier have an impact on its effectiveness when moving from one place to another. Wheels need to have adequate grip and durability to withstand bumps whilst being forgiving enough to withstand the pressure and weight of your motor. Rubber dolly wheels tick both of these boxes, as do pneumatic wheels. Some carriers have 2 wheels at the front and 2 at the back, whereas others have 4 at the back and 2 at the front for extra support.

Weight Rating

Obviously the outboard motor carrier needs to have adequate strength to handle the weight of your motor. Check the weight of your motor or anything else you are likely to be using the carrier for and then look out for the weight capacity. This varies from 85lbs, all the way over 300 lbs so it is important to choose correctly for your needs.


Carriers need to be constructed of heavy duty, durable metals in order to withstand the weight and movement. The tubes will generally be made of stainless steel and may be coated with a powder finish for protection from corrosion and rust. Screws and bolts need to be made from strong metals to absorb the pressure put on them.


The comfort of the handle on an outboard motor carrier makes a big difference to how easy they are to use. Ergonomic, cushioned handles will provide adequate grip and absorb some of the pressure on your hands to prevent injuries occurring over time.