5 Best Outboard Motor Locks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Boats and outboard motors are expensive, valuable items. It is therefore essential to take all necessary measures to keep them safe. Securing an outboard motor is an important action in this process. An outboard motor lock ensures that the boat cannot be started or moved without the owner’s consent.

Best Outboard Motor Locks

Here are our outboard motor lock reviews.

1. Fulton OML 0127 Outboard Motor Lock

Fulton Oml 0127 Outboard Motor Lock

The Fulton OML 0127 Outboard Motor Lock is a heavy duty barrel key lock mechanism made for maximum security. This outboard motor lock is compatible with most outboard botors. It vomes with a 5 year limited warranty.

  • Includes 2 keys
  • Foam filler
  • Noise reduction and vibration reduction cushioned design
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2. PANTHER MARINE 75-8201 High Security Outboard Motor Lock

Panther Marine 75 8201 High Security Outboard Motor Lock Stainless

The PANTHER MARINE 75-8201 High Security Outboard Motor Lock is a versatile lock from a reputable manufacturer. This product is composed of high-strength 300 series stainless steel. It is a strong, durable option.

  • Fits turnbuckle design
  • Features anti-theft by drill protection
  • Includes noise dampeners to reduce rattle
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3. Masterlock OML0127 Lock Outboard Motor

Masterlock Oml0127 Lock Outboard Motor

The Masterlock OML0127 Lock Outboard Motor is a heavy duty outboard motor lock. This piece of equipment is manufactured to provide maximum security for an outboard motor. It features a simple, black design.

  • 5lbs total weight
  • Reinforced lock for added strength
  • Resistant from the elements
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4. SeaSense Outboard Motor Lock

Seasense Outboard Motor Lock

The SeaSense Outboard Motor Lock is a highly compatible option when it comes to an outboard motor lock. This product is both secure and lightweight, making it ideal for marine purposes. At under 20 dollars, it is an affordable option.

  • Marine grade brass composition
  • Hardened interior steel tube
  • Locks motors up to 40 HP
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5. Amarine Made Stainless Steel Hi-Security Outboard Motor Lock

Amarine Made Stainless Steel Hi Security Outboard Motor Lock Heavy Duty, Brass Lock

The Amarine Made Stainless Steel Hi-Security Outboard Motor Lock is a stainless steel lock by a leading marine product manufacturer. This lock is compatible with most outboards. It features an adjustable clamp slot mechanism.

  • Suits different bolt diameters
  • Quality brass lock
  • High security design
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Outboard Motor Lock Buyer’s Guide

An outboard motor lock is a wise purchase for a boat owner. While we would all like to be trusting, you can never be too careful when it comes to things which are as valuable as your boat. Prices are generally around the $30 dollar mark, although they can reach $100 for a premium quality lock. A good lock is well worth the investment though. It not only protects your boat and motor from theft, but it provides you with peace of mind.

Our buying guide reviews the best outboard motor locks on the market so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right lock for your motor.  The following are common details to consider which feature on most outboard motor locks and will help you to choose the perfect one for you.


The dimensions of outboard motors vary dramatically, depending on the power of the motor or the design. Therefore, certain locks may be specifically manufactured to fit certain types of motors. It is a good idea to check that a lock fits your motor size before purchasing. Many of them are universally fitting but this isn’t always the case so check to be safe and avoid disappointment.


Obviously the materials which an outboard motor lock is composed of need to have one main attribute – strength. Heavy duty metals such as marine grade stainless steel are used to form the body of a lock. The actual lock itself is often made of extremely strong metal such as brass, for added reinforcement and to prevent it from being broken.

Special features

Adjustable clamps are a great feature which allow outboard motor locks to fit onto any motor with a simple sliding mechanism. It is always a good idea to get two keys to the lock in case one gets lost. An outboard motor lock may also feature hardened interior tubes which provide extra durability and make them almost impossible to penetrate.