5 Best Paracords (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Tying things together securely is essential in many outdoor situations. A paracord is a lightweight rope originally used for the suspension line of a parachute, but can be used for many other purposes. Its strength and versatility makes it useful for building shelters, repairing equipment and many other survival situations.

Best Paracords

Here are our paracord reviews.

1. TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord

Tough Grid 750lb Paracord Parachute Cord Genuine Mil Spec Type Iv 750lb Paracord Used By The Us M

The TOUGH-GRID Paracord is a high quality paracord used by the US Military and made in the USA. It can handle 750lbs worth of weight making it highly dependable for any situation. The Paracord comes in 5 sizes ranging between 50ft and 1000ft.

  • Made from 11 Triple Strands of 100% Nylon
  • Comes in a bag or would on a spool depending on length of cord
  • 30% + stretch and UV abrasion resistant
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2. Bengku Outdoor Mil-SPEC 550lb Paracord

Bengku Outdoor Mil Spec 550lb Paracord Parachute Cord(mil C 5040 H),100feet

The Bengku Outdoor Paracord is usable for a range of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and crafting projects. It can hold 550lbs of weight and has a length of 100ft. This paracord comes in a range of colors.

  • Sheath made from 32 interwoven strands for smooth texture
  • Nylon construction for elasticity
  • Core consists of seven yarns – each yarn is made up of three twisted fibers
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Paracord Planet Paracord (50+ Colors) 1,000 Foot Spools 250 Foot Spools 100 Feet Hank

The PARACORD PLANET paracord is a multi-purpose cord ideal for any outdoor activities and situations. It is made by certified US government contractors to guarantee strength. The paracord is available in 50 different colors and can handle 550lbs of weight.

  • 100% Nylon sheath with 7 twisted inner strands
  • UV and mold/mildew resistant
  • Smooth anti-fraying texture
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4. GOLDBERG 750lb Paracord

Golberg 750lb Paracord Parachute Cord – Us Military Grade – Authentic Mil Spec Type Iv 750 Lb Tensil

The GOLDBERG 750lb Paracord is exceptionally strong – with the ability to handle 750lbs of weight if required. It is US military grade material and is available from 25ft to 1000 ft in a wide variety of colors.

  • 100 % Nylon with 11 3-ply twisted inner strands
  • Reusable fastener strap included with cord 50ft and over
  • Resistant from mold/mildew and UV rays
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5. Paracord 550 Kit – Five Colors

Paracord 550 Kit Five Colors (olive Drab, Acu, Woodland Camo, Desert Camo, & Black) 100 Feet Total

The Paracord 550 Kit contains five 20ft hanks of commercial grade paracord and five steel key rings. The paracords come in different camouflage colors for subtle usage. Also included are black side release buckles for making emergency paracord bracelets. The cords can handle 550lbs of weight.

  • UV resistance and anti-rotting
  • 100 % nylon outer sheath
  • Individual hanks come in 20ft sizes
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Paracord Buyer’s Guide

Paracord is a handy, inexpensive tool which can be used for multiple purposes. When a situation arises, paracord can be potentially lifesaving so it is definitely worth investing in before venturing into the outdoors.

Our buying guide reviews the best quality paracord the market has to offer. Below are some features to look out for when looking for the right cord for you.

Strength Rating

Paracord differs in strength. The strength is dependent on how many core stands are used in the cord. Type 1 can hold 95lbs. Type 2 paracord holds up to 400lbs. Type 3 paracord can hold 550lbs. Finally, type 4 holds 750lbs of weight. As you would expect, the price increases with the strength.


Paracord is made from strands, yarns and an outer shell. The quality of materials used varies. Nylon is a common material used and is reliable. Looking for a paracord which is UV resistant will prevent the cord from degrading in sunlight, which it naturally would do.

Number of core strands

The strength of a paracord can be directly correlated to the number of core strands it contains. Type 1 paracord has 1 core strand. Type 2 has 4-7, and type 3 paracord has 7-9 core strands. Type 4 Paracord contains 11 core strands for maximum durability.