10 Best Places to Fish in California

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You may know and love California for so many wonderous things it has. The film industry, top-tiered universities, technology, and many many recreational places are just a few things that make California one of the US’s most adored states. But apart from these, it has made a well reputable name in the fishing industry too.

The lush greenery and wildlife in the waters of California are something that you would be interested in. Wouldn’t you like to know some of the hubs and spots in California where you could enjoy fishing just as much? Well, let us help you out!

1. Clear Lake State Park

As the name suggests, this Lake is nothing short of nature’s wonder. The water looks beautiful, stocked with fish, and surrounded by lush green trees and charming sunlight. It has become the prime spot for fishing competitions and contests. The largest largemouth bass was caught here, in this Lake. Fish species like catfish, crappie, bluegills, and carps are densely populated here.

2. McCloud River

You may not find a fishing spot better in terms of natural beauty and unreal aesthetic than this. People admire this Lake for its view and its fish stock both. The best fishing season here in the fall, when smaller fish are abundant, like trout. It may be a challenge for you to fish on the lower side of this river as the water is fast, inconsistent, and deep.

3. Lake Shasta

With more than 30,000 pounds of rainbow trout stocked into this Lake, it has become an increasingly popular fishing spot for anglers. Brown trout are also populated here in this Lake. Many streams and rivers are connecting to this Lake, so using a boat will be highly beneficial. Fish like king salmon, panfish, carp, and catfish are also here.

4. Yosemite National Park

This park is made from 770 miles of breathtaking streams and mountain lakes. With a beautiful view, you can enjoy a memorable fishing experience. In 103 years, more than 33 million fish have been put into this water, but it all ended in 1990. Still, after that, this spot is flooded with large varieties of fish. The native fish of this water are rainbow trout, California roach, Sacramento Pikeminnow, Hardhead, Sacramento suckers, and riffle sculpin.

5. Lake Almanor

This artificial Lake is unique in all manners. Fish primarily caught here are rainbow and brown trout, king salmon, catfish, and smallmouth bass. This Lake is located in such a way that two pieces of land very carefully divide it. The best part is that you wouldn’t have to rent a boat to fish at the center, you can catch plenty of fish from the shore.

6. Clear Lake

Located in the Center-North state of Lake County, this Lake covers 44,000 acres area of water. It is the largest freshwater lake in California, and it gives anglers plenty of options for fish to choose from. The fish available here are Bluegill, catfish, carp, and crappie. You wouldn’t even need to get the boat in the middle of the Lake.

7. Smith River

You must have heard a lot about this river and especially in the context of being one of California’s most beautiful rivers. Without a doubt, it is the best place to fish for salmon, trout, and steelheads. This river is also known for being home to the largest steelhead (27 pounds) and largest salmon, around 50-60 pounds. These fish breed throughout the fishing season here.

8. Lake Cuyamaca

This 110-acre land of water is found at the top of the Cuyamaca Mountains. The temperature of this Lake remains cool throughout the year and becomes chilly during winters. You can easily found a large variety of bass, including smallmouth bass and even sturgeon. Fish like black crappie, Bluegill, bullheads, trout, and channel catfish are also populated here.

9. The San Joaquin Delta

The unmatched beauty of this place will surely take your breath away, but apart from the view, it is stocked with some of the premium species and quality of fish. The view really compliments the level of fishing experience gained at this spot.

Many fish are found here, and the types include catfish, stripers, King Salmon, common carp, steelhead, and bluegills.

10. Santa Monica Pier

One of the best spots to fish for in California is the Santa Monica Pier. As anglers, you would be tempted to fish directly from the pier. Nothing can match the view from the deck while you are fishing. You can easily catch perch, mackerel, white and black sea bass, leopard sharks, tiger sharks, and stingrays here.


Who said that you have to go to California on a school trip just to see the advancements and top-notch universities? Now that you know about all these amazing fishing stops pack up your fishing gear, and head onto these stations! There truly isn’t anything that you can’t enjoy in the remarkable state of California.



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