10 Best Places to Fish in Georgia

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Are you searching for the best fishing places in Georgia? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Georgia is equipped with a variety of waters, providing various fishing options to the anglers. From large inshore waters to offshore, from lacks to coastal waters and streams, from rainbow trout to giant groupers, you will always find the perfect match for your type of fishing style in Georgia.

In this article, you will find the detail of the ten best places to fish in Georgia. Each of these spots is specifically chosen from the larger list of places.

1. St. Simons Island Pier

The St. Simons Island Pier is the perfect spot for fishing redfish, trout, flounder, sharks, and more. Moreover, anglers also enjoy tossing crab traps here. You have to get a license issued by St. Simons Bait and Tackle for fishing here. The best thing about this spot is the nearby village where you can easily find all the items you need.

2. Lake Seminole

The Lake Seminole lies along the border of Florida and Georgia. It is considered the favorite spot of a largemouth bass enthusiast. The excess of aquatic vegetation, mainly hydrilla and standing timber, makes bass lurking extremely easy here. So, fill up your collection with the big and most wanted large bass fish but don’t forget to bring your baits and quality fishing equipment because their absence can make fishing a bit hard here.

3. Ossabaw Island Inlet

The diverse landscapes and the beautiful location of Ossabaw Island Inlet make it suitable for seatrouts. So, if you love fishing seatrouts, fishing on this island is a must thing for you. However, you need an experienced guide to go to the Ossabaw Island Inlet because going there alone without a guide can be dangerous.

4. Golden Isles

The Golden Isle is one of the best spots for saltwater anglers, so that you can try all your favorite fishing techniques here. It is located along the Atlantic Coast of Georgia. The fish species here include snapper, redfish, and tarpon; you will find all kinds of saltwater game fishes here. Moreover, it offers great fishing flexibility because you can fish here either from charter, kayak, or bank.

5. Hiwassee River

In Hiwassee River, anglers can find plenty of fishing spots, and all of these spots are easily accessible. This fishing place is great for beginners and families. Moreover, nearby you can also find food stalls, shopping areas, and even a play zone for kids. That’s why families love this place. You will find plenty of fishes here, including brown trout and rainbow trout, etc.

6. Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell is the favorite fishing place of the anglers from both South Carolina and Georgia. You can find a wide range of bass fishes here, making it the best spot for bass fishing. You can also find a large number of spotted bass and largemouth bass here. Moreover, anglers also love participating in various fishing tournaments here.

7. Chattahoochee River

Chattahoochee River became famous after the discovery of rainbow and brown trout during the 1950s. Since then, this river is known as the best spot for trout lovers. Moreover, the upper Chattahoochee is also famous for its canoes and Kayaks.

8. Toccoa River

Both the lower and upper portions of the Toccoa River is considered the perfect spot for fishing. From the upper section of the river, anglers can easily find the mesmerizing Blue Ridge. Simultaneously, the lower section provides the best spot for tail-water fisheries with a range of amazing types of fish species like trout, etc.  Moreover, you will also find various recreational areas here, including some campsites.

9. Clarks Hill Lake

The 71000-acres size of Clarks Hill makes it the largest Lake in Georgia. You can find various fishes here. However, this lake is known for its spotted, striped, and largemouth bass fishes. So, if you are a bass lover, you must arrange a fishing trip here. Moreover, you can easily catch a 20-pound striped bass here, while with a little more effort, you can even catch a 40-pound striped too.

10. Lake Oconee

If fishing is your hobby and you do it for leisure, then you must visit Lake Oconee at least once because its amazing location makes it the best spot for leisure. The fishes here include striped and largemouth bass. Moreover, along with fishing, you can also spend your day doing other stuff like playing golf or even enjoying your cabins if you plan to have a more extended trip.


Apart from the locations mentioned above, you can also find various other spots to go fishing in Georgia. However, the ones, as mentioned earlier, are the best of all.


The 10 Best Places to Fish in Georgia.

10 Best Fishing Spots in Georgia.