10 Best Places to Fish in Hawaii

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The beautiful landscape of Hawaii is known for various reasons. From large Volcanos to various kinds of waters, you can find all types of places here. Moreover, it is also considered one of the best travel destinations of people worldwide.

While searching about Hawaii, you will find a long list of to-do things here and fishing is also included in the list. Moreover, the best thing about fishing here is that you don’t need a license to fish on most of the Hawaiian shores. So, let’s learn about the top 10 fishing places in Hawaii.

1. Lake Wilson

Lake Wilson is located in Oahu. This 400-acres fishing site is the top choice of freshwater anglers in Hawaii. It is famous for peacock bass and other fishes, including Oscar, channel catfish, bluegill, red devil, smallmouth and largemouth bass, tilapia, snakehead, etc. For targeting peacock bass, you must visit here between April and October. You can also hire a guide to make your trip more fun.

2. South Point, Big Island

It is one of the most famous fishing spots in the United States. The ocean’s confluence of Ka Lae makes it the perfect spot for red snapper, tuna, ulua, and mahi-mahi etc. However, you cannot find an official campsite or places to stay here, which means it is not suitable for longer trips. Moreover, you should be super careful while fishing here because the rugged clifftop can sometimes be dangerous.

3. Nawiliwili Harbor

The Nawiliwili Harbor is located to the north of Lihue Airport, and it is one of the busiest harbours of the island. You can find various fishing opportunities here, including pier fishing and sport fishing etc. The species here include mahi-mahi, marlin, ono (wahoo), and yellowfin tuna etc. Due to the oceanic site, it will be better to hire a charter here.

4. Kaena Point

It is situated within 112 miles of Oahu Coastline. No matter if you are a naïve angler or an expert, the Kaena Point has shore fishing opportunities for both. The Secluded Kaena Point is famous for its seep water species like ulua. However, to get there, you have to either walk or take a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

5. Koke’s State Park

The Koke’s State Park is located in the beautiful Hawaii mountains, to Waimea Bay’s north. It is considered a perfect spot for families. You can enjoy fly fishing, hiking, and enjoy the splendid view of the mountain. Families can also camp there and enjoy the amazing Hawaiian sunset.

Moreover, the park also offers some facilities like restrooms, lodging, gift shops, picnic tables, campsites, etc., which are all ADA accessible.

6. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is situated in Oahu. Besides providing a fantastic fishing spot, you will also find other interesting places like museums, historic sites, bars, restaurants, etc. You will also find some beautiful beaches nearby. So, you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and surf fishing etc.

The amazing game fishes here include marlin, tuna, swordfish, and mahi-mahi etc. while the juicy Samoan crab is just a bonus.

7. Waiakea Pond, Big Island

The Waiakea Pond is located near Hilo in the Wailoa River State Park. It offers the best fishing experience to the anglers with its wide range of fishes. The saltwater species found in Waiakea Pond include Ulua, Mullet, and Aholehole.

You can also find various other facilities here like restrooms, boat ramps, and picnic tables. However, camping is forbidden here.

8. Waialua Bay Pier

It is situated in the Hawaii Alli Beach Park. The Waialua Bay Pier is the perfect spot for those pier fishing lovers. Moreover, you can also come here on longer fishing trips and spend a few days in its luxurious hotels and apartments. You can find various fish species such as papio, goatfish, ulua, large sea bass, barracuda, etc.

9. Makena Landing

The Makena Landing is the favourite spot of kayak fishers while it also offers shore fishing and snorkelling. You can find a large number of big game fishes here like mahi-mahi and marlin etc. However, you should be careful while fishing here because some anglers have also faced some sharks’ attacks. Therefore, it is better to safeguard yourself while fishing in the Makena Landing.

10. Kahului Harbor Pier

It is located on Kahului town of Maui. It is incredibly close to the airport, making it easier for the anglers coming here by air. You can easily land bonefish and jack crevalle here, but you need a good guide for that. Moreover, Kahului town is near, and you can easily find restaurants, bars, hotels, lodgings, etc.


Next time when going to Hawaii on vocations, don’t forget to pack your fishing equipment and tools. And for fishing spots, the list mentioned above of Spots will surely help you.


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