10 Best Places to Fish in Iowa

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Iowa is located between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The presence of amazing rivers, ponds, and lakes etc. make this state perfect for fishing and other small trips. Moreover, the lakes here are often less crowded, which makes fishing here comparatively easier.

Additionally, the modern management for fisheries has enhanced the fishing spots here, which means anglers will have more fishing opportunities in Iowa. However, you should be well aware of the fishing spots before planning a trip to Iowa. So, let’s study the ten best places to fish in Iowa.

1. Coralville Lake

The Coralville Lake is situated near Iowa city in the Johnson County. The human-made reservoir here occupies around 5280 acres of land. The fish species here include carp, crappie, catfish, bass, white bass, panfish, northern pike, walleye, and hybrid striped bass.

Moreover, you will also find restrooms, beach, hiking trail, playground, and other picnic spots here. So, you can plan a long trip to Coralville Lake and discover all places.

2. Lake Rathbun

Lake Rathbun is located in Moravia, Iowa. It is one of the best fishing spots for catching crappie in Iowa. Moreover, you can also find plenty of hybrid striped bass and white bass here. The location and water type here makes it a perfect spot for beginning anglers. The best time to target your favourite crappie here starts from mid-May and ends in mid-June.

3. East and West Okoboji

The East and West Okoboji lakes are located in Dickinson County. Both the lakes, when combined, occupies a total area of 11366 acres. Moreover, you can find more than 40 fish species here; however, these lakes are best known for their largemouth and smallmouth bass. So, if you are a bass enthusiast, you must plan a trip in East and West Okoboji.

4. Black Hawk Lake

The Black Hawk Lake offers some amazing fishing spots for anglers of all ages and experience. While fishing here, you can get the chance of landing some phenomenal walleye, bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass, and Muskie etc. Additionally, other recreational spots nearby the lake including Black Hawk State Park make this fishing place best for camping and spending some quality time with family.

5. Big Spirit Lake

The Big Spirit Lake is the largest lake among the six great lakes of Iowa. This lake is known for its smallmouth bass fishing which can be found in plenty during spring. Moreover, you can find some other fish species here like walleye and panfish throughout the year. You can also boat here and enjoy other activities nearby the lake.

6. Big Creek Lake

The 866- acre Big Creek Lake is situated nearby Polk City. The lake was built through a diversion dam which was created as a defence against floods. The fishes here include bluegill, drum, crap, smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, white bass and white crappie, muskellunge, channel fish, etc.

However, camping near the lake is forbidden, so, you have to reach out to the nearby campsites if you plan to have a longer trip.

7. Clear Lake

The Clear Lake is located in north-central Iowa. This lake is known for its walleye. So, if you are a walleye lover, you must visit this spot. Additionally, you can find some other species like yellow bass, yellow perch, and crappie here. You can also find a fish cleaning facility in the McIntosh Woods State Park here.

8. Bloody Run Creek

Bloody Run Creek is a must-visit place for the trout lovers because this spot is known for its trout fishing. You can find various fishing opportunities here, including shore fishing while the beautiful campsite and picnic spots do not provide a better experience to the anglers. Some of the trout species found here include rainbow, brown, and brook trout.

9. Lake Macbride

Lake Macbride, located in Solon, is one of the perfect spots to fish for all anglers. The species here include crappie, channel catfish, bluegill, and walleye while some trophy-winning fishes here are Muskie and wipers. Moreover, you can also enjoy machine boating, kayaking, paddle boating, and canoeing etc. in this lake.

10. Glovers Creek

The Glovers Creek is best known for its fly fishing specifically trout fishing. You can easily access the banks here and fish onshore, whereas the campsites, picnic spots, and restrooms are added to enable you to enjoy long trips. Simultaneously, the beautiful sceneries here are just a bonus to the list of its advantages.


Iowa can prove to be the best fishing destination for the anglers, especially with the spots mentioned above, anglers can have one of the most memorable fishing trips in this state.


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