10 Best Places to Fish in Kansas

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If you love fishing and want to explore amazing fishing spots all over the United States, then you must also fish in Kansas. Like all US states, Kansas also offers some incredible places to fish. Each of these spots possesses various qualities, which make them the top ones in Kansas.

This article aims to educate you about the best fishing spots in Kansas. The following paragraphs contain ten best places to fish in Kansas so that next time when you plan a trip in this state, you know where exactly to go.

1. Severy City Lake

This lake is located in the south of Severy Town. This lake is also equipped with some amazing boats and picnic shelters. Moreover, it is considered the best spot for kayaking, Canoeing, and shore fishing. While fishing here, you can find a large number of redear sunfish and bluegill. It is just 25 minutes away from the beautiful waterfall of Sedan.

2. Demon Lake

This one-acre pond is situated to the west of Dodge City High School. The lake has been named after the sports mascot of the school. This is the perfect spot to teach your kids how to fish for all the nearby anglers, especially during summer break. The Channel Cat is the famous fish found here. Moreover, you can also find plenty of bass and bluegill.

3. Scott State Lake

The 115-acre Scott State Lake is around a 240-miles drive from Wichita. You can also fish directly from the dam here. Moreover, this lake is famous for its bluegill while other fish species are also found here. Scott State Lake is also great for camping due to its amazing campsites. While camping or fishing here, you will get the chance to see incredible wildlife, especially during the late and early days.

4. Coffey County Lake

The Coffey County Lake is considered one of the best spots for catching smallmouth bass in Kansas State. It has a very diverse fishing area. Some other fish species found in this lake include walleye, crappie, catfish, white bass, etc. However, it does not have any campsite, so planning a long fishing trip here is not a good idea.

5. Lake Henry

The Lake Henry is located in the Lawrence, in Clinton State Park. It occupies a total area of 3 acres. You can find some trophy-winning bass and channel cats here. While during fall and winter, you can also find plenty of trout here. So, you can fish here all year long. Moreover, this spot is considered perfect for the beginning of anglers.

6. Chase State Fishing Lake

The 109-acre Chase State Fishing Lake is located in the Flint Hills Valley to the northeast of Wichita and west of Cottonwood Falls. The clear water in this lake makes it easier to catch your favorite largemouth bass, spotted bass, bluegill, channel catfish, saugeye, and more. Additionally, while fishing there, you must also try kayaking and hiking in amazing fishing piers here.

7. Elk City Lake

The Elk City Lake is a must-visit fishing spot for experienced anglers as it offers great fights. You can find some super heavy catfishes, crappie, and flathead in this lake. The largest flathead of 123 pounds was found here in 1998. Moreover, the amazing scenery in this lake is just a bonus to this scenic fishing place.

8. Cowley State Lake

The Cowley State Lake occupies 84 acres and is situated to the south of Wichita and east of Arkansas City. This place contains a great combination of grasslands and timbers while offering one of the best fish spots. Some fish species here are bluegill, redear sunfish, channel catfish, and more. Moreover, this lake also provides campsites for extended fishing trips.

9. Melvern Lake/Dam

Melvern Lake is located in Osage County. The extensive watershed here is great for assisting the quality and quantity of water in Melvern Dam. This dam was made as part of the flood control project. This lake is famous for its large population of smallmouth bass. Moreover, you can also find other fishes like crappie, blue catfish, walleye, bruiser Smallies, etc.

10. Eureka City Lake

The Eureka City Lake is situated on an area of 259 acres. It is considered the best lake for catching white crappie throughout Kansas. Additionally, the larger bluegill population makes its best spot for kids too. During winters, the lake also provides a heated fishing dock facility. You can also find some other fish species here, including green sunfish.


Next, when you plan a fishing trip in Kansas, don’t forget to include the spots mentioned above in your list. To have a better experience, choose one from the places mentioned above.


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