10 Best Places to Fish in Louisiana

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If you have been to Louisiana, you will agree that it is full of amazing freshwater and saltwater fisheries. The anglers have a great advantage in Louisiana because of the incredible fishing opportunities here. From small to big, you can find all types of fishing spots that offer the best experience to both beginning and experienced anglers.

So, no matter if you have been angling for years or it is your first time, you will always find a spot that matches you in Louisiana. This article will educate you about the ten best places to fish in Louisiana.

1. Henderson Lake

The Henderson Lake is located in St. Martin Parish, nearby Breaux Bridge. This lake is one of the most beautiful destinations of the people in Louisiana. Moreover, it is known for the large bass, which is available in ample quantity here. The Henderson lake was severely damaged after Hurricane Rita, but you will still find a suitable place to fish here.

2. Lake Bistineau

Lake Bistineau is situated in the northern part of Louisiana and occupies an area of 15550 acres. This lake is home to a variety of fishes, including bass. It also offers some amazing campsite which means you can plan a long trip here.

Moreover, Lake Bistineau State Park also has some eye-catching sceneries and other areas worth discovering.

3. Caddo Lake

The 26810-acres Caddo Lake has a location near Louisiana and Texas lines. This lake is also referred to as the most beautiful lake in the United States. It is equipped with various fishes while the mesmeric cypress trees here provide some splendid and worth watching sceneries to all visitors. However, Caddo Lake is not suitable for those who plan to boat or ski here.

4. Lake Pontchartrain

The Lake Pontchartrain is in New Orleans. This wide body of water is known for its windiness. However, despite rough conditions, this lake is perfect for various fishing situations, especially shore fishing. This lake has very clear and clean water, that’s why fishing is comparatively easier here. You can find some amazing fishes here, including trout, reds, and drum fishes, etc.

5. Atchafalaya Basin

The Atchafalaya Basin is situated in the south of Morgan City. Along with being extremely beautiful, it is also one of the most expensive fishing spots in Louisiana. It is recognized for its amazing bass fishing, so if you are a bass enthusiast, then you must visit this place at least once because you can catch some of your favorite basses. The best time to come here is during spring.

6. Toledo Bend Reservoir

The Toledo Bend Reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in Louisiana. It occupies an area of 186000 acres while its shoreline if of more than 1200 miles. This place is considered the heaven of nature lovers. You can find some of your favorite fishes while angling here, including largemouth bass and some massive catfish.

7. Lake D’Arbonne

The mesmerizing Lake D’Arbonne is near Union Perish. It is 15000 acres large and has some amazing fish species such as crappie, largemouth bass, catfish, bream, and more. Additionally, you can also plan a long trip to this lake and stay in the tents, RVs, or cabins in the state park nearby. Anglers also enjoy duck hunting in the Lake D’Arbonne.

8. Grand Isle

The Grand Isle is one of the amazing fishing spots in the Louisiana state. It is located in the Gulf of Mexico. This isle is also ranked the best fishing place by the World Fishing Network. This isle is also famous for speckled trout and offers some amazing trails, fishing piers, and campsites. So, you can plan a long trip here and enjoy quality time with family.

9. Calcasieu Lake

The southern part of Lake Charles, the Calcasieu Lake, has an area of 52700 acres. This saltwater lake is known for catching speckled trout, while other fish species found in this lake are flounder, redfish, and more. Along with fishing, anglers also come to this lake to enjoy boating, skiing, swimming, etc.

10. Red River

The Red River contains five pools, and each of these pools offers some biggest bass in the overall United States. Moreover, along with bass, this river is also famous for its catfish. The location of this river also offers a great picnic spot for all the anglers. Red River also hosted the Bassmaster Classic 2012 fishing tournament.


Either with family, friends, or solo, you must plan a fishing trip in any fishing area, as mentioned above places in Louisiana. Don’t miss the opportunity of having the best fishing trip.


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