10 Best Places to Fish in Massachusetts

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Along with being historically rich with amazing educational institutes, the state of Massachusetts also has some amazing fishing spots. The lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and all water here are equipped with various fishes. Most of the waters also have campsites etc., for those planning to have a longer trip.

So, if you plan a fishing trip in Massachusetts, then the following ten best places to fish will surely be a great help. So, let’s study the brief detail of these spots one by one.

1. Castle Island

Castle Island is located to the south of Boston. The prime fishing spot on this island is Pleasure Bay. This is the best place for saltwater enthusiasts in Boston and nearby areas. It is known for the number of largemouth bass, trout, and sunfish. However, some other fish species are also found here, including cunner, bluefish, striped bass, winter flounder, and more.

2. Myles Standish State Forest

The Myles Standish State Forest is the largest recreational area owned by the public in Massachusetts. This forest has a range of amazing small ponds such as College, Charge, Federal, and Barrett Pond. The campsite here allows anglers to plan a long trip here, even as long as a whole week. Moreover, the ponds here are equipped with various game fishes.

3. Wachusett Reservoir

The Wachusett Reservoir is just 10 minutes away from Worcester. The reservoir is around 8 miles long. It contains an amazing variety of fishes. To catch your favorite smallmouth and largemouth bass, you must visit this spot between May and June, the prime fishing months here. Additionally, the Wachusett Reservoir is also famous for its trout fishing.

4. Ipswich River

This northeastern Massachusetts located Ipswich River is considered the best trout fishing spot in Massachusetts. The river is continuously filled with trout, so you will never leave without catching some. Moreover, this river is also considered great for camping while the historic buildings nearby are also worth exploring. So, you can easily plan a longer trip here with your family and friends.

5. Plymouth Harbor Jetty

The Plymouth Harbor Jetty is a perfect spot for planning family fishing trips. It is famous for its bluefish. The amazing location and rocky coastline of this jetty are also great for camping, beaching, swimming, and more. You can bring your family and enjoy your trip here. The fish species here include fluke, small shark, scup, and stripper, etc.

6. Norton Reservoir

The Norton Reservoir is a famous attraction for the white perch lover because this reservoir has plenty of them. However, it also has other fishes such as crappie, bass, pickerel, bluegills, shiners, and more. Along with offering great fishes, the reservoir also offers great sceneries and views. So, if you are an adventurous and nature lover, then you must visit the Norton Reservoir.

7. Kettle Pond, Scargo Lake

The Kettle Pond, Scargo Lake is in Dennis. This freshwater pond has an area of 60 acres. This pond is stocked with trout two times a year. So, no matter what time of the year you go, you will always have a catch. Moreover, this Lake also contains the beautiful Scargo Tower, which has a very pleasing and eye-catching view, especially during sunset.

8. Martha’s Vineyard

The Vineyard of Martha is popular for its bluefish and striped bass. It has a shoreline of around 100 miles. While fishing here, you will also find some other worth-discovering areas which can be explored by boat. Other fish species in this vineyard are sea bass, fluke, albies, and bonito, etc.

9. Spy Pond

Located in Arlington, the Spy Pond is a great location, either if you want to relax or fish. It has occupied a total area of around 103 acres. The Spy Pond is known for its tiger Muskie, white perch, and yellow perch. Moreover, you can also find a good amount of largemouth bass here. This location is also popular for ice skating during winters.

10. Spectacle Pond

Spectacle Pond is located near Forestdale and Sandwich, Massachusetts. It is one of the prime fishing locations for the people of Sandwich and other nearby places. This pond is home to various fish species like bullhead, rainbow trout, brown trout, smallmouth bass, brook trout, and more. You can apply all your favorite fishing styles here, including spinning, fly fishing, baitcasting, etc.


Next time when you plan a fishing trip in Massachusetts, don’t forget to add the spots mentioned above to your list to make the most out of your experience.


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