10 Best Places to Fish in Michigan

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Michigan is famous for its family-friendly fishing spots, and there are numerous of them. So, no matter if you plan a fishing trip solo or with friends and family, Michigan will never disappoint you with its amazing fishing spots. This state is full of gorgeous lakes and rivers etc., and each of these spots contains different varieties of fish species, including salmon, trout, perch, walleye, and many more.

This article contains the ten best places to fish in Michigan, and as an angler, if you are planning a trip here, these places will be a great help.

1. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the third-largest Lake in the country and a great spot for all angling. While fishing in its offshore water, you will get the chance to land some amazing fish species, including Coho salmon, steelhead, chinook salmon. You can use some of the top ports for this purpose, including Ludington and St. Joe ports. The best season to fish here starts in April and ends in August.

2. Hubbard Lake

Hubbard Lake is located in northern Michigan in Alcona County. This Lake has a maximum depth of 85 feet. This Lake is always stocked with Bass, Pike, Muskie, and perch, etc. Moreover, the beautiful location also adds more to the fishing experience of the anglers here.

3. Pere Marquette River

The Pere Marquette River is 66 miles large. It starts from Baldwin and ends in Ludington. This river is known for its scenic view. There are various fish species found in this river, such as chinook salmon and steelhead, etc. The season to target your favorite salmon starts in August and ends in October. So, to plan a trip here, you must consider the season.

4. Coldwater Lake

If you love collecting catfishes, then Coldwater Lake is a must-visit fishing spot for you. This Lake is located in branch county. It is called the anglers’ dream lake. It is famous for its catfishes, which are available in abundance here. Moreover, you can also find some other fish species here, including largemouth bass, norther pike, walleye, etc.

5. Manistee River

The 190 miles Manistee River runs through the Northern Peninsula. This river has a lot of access points for the public. It is famous for its steelhead and salmon, while other fish species found in this river are Coho and brown trout. For fishing steelhead, the best season to fish is during fall, while for salmon, you must visit the river during late summer.

6. Marble Lake

Marble lake is situated in Quincy. This Lake is popular for its shallow water. It is one of the best lakes for targeting largemouth bass and bluegill. So, if that’s your target this fishing season, you must plan a trip to this incredible Lake.

7. Grand River

The Grand River flows through the western Michigan coast. It is ranked as one of the best rivers for fishing salmon and steelhead. Moreover, you can also find a great amount of rainbow trout between the spring and summer seasons. Other fish species found in Grand River include largemouth bass and smallmouth bass etc. Some parts of this river like riffles, Portland state game area, and backwater are famous for catching these fishes.

8. Mullet Lake

Mullet Lake is situated in Cheboygan County. This Lake is connected to Burt Lake. It is famous for offering plenty of pikes, walleye, and largemouth bass. Moreover, some anglers have also found giant sturgeon here. Other fish species found here are rock bass, brown trout, pumpkinseed sunfish, rainbow trout, northern pike, Muskie, yellow perch, white crappie, and more.

9. Lake St. Clair

The Lake St. Clair is located around two miles east of Detroit. You can find different varieties of fish species here, including smallmouth bass, Muskie, and walleye. All of these fishes can be found in huge sizes. However, to increase your catch for Muskie, anglers should use the trolling technique. While the fishing season for walleye goes between March and April.

10. Saginaw Bay

The Saginaw Bay has its location on Lake Huron. It has a length of 60 miles. This bay has been recognized nationally for its incredible walleye fishing. As a walleye angler, you can find fish here all year long, from spring to winter. So, for those who love collecting walleye, the Saginaw Bay is a must-visit spot.


To have fishing worth remembering, you must plan a trip to any fishing area, as mentioned earlier, places in Michigan and catch some of your favorite fishes.


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