10 Best Places to Fish in Montana

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You may have heard of Montana before and in a context related to fly-fishing. There probably isn’t anything else that it is better known for. So, if you and your family are planning a little getaway, or you just need to relax in peace and reconnect with nature, then let us guide you through the best fishing spots in Montana.

Researches have already claimed that fishing can be therapeutic, so why not see it for yourself? Pack your fishing bag, stuff your car with all the essentials, and head out to Montana. We will tell you about the top 10 best fishing places you can visit to have a remarkable fishing experience.

1. Sun River

This river is in the high elevations and is generously funded by dams and different irrigation channels. You will love the steep landscape, spread out the rainbow, and water flows along this river to make the fishing experience more majestic. The wilderness and the serenity of this river are unmatched. You can easily fish for a wide range of fish species here.

2. Smith River

This may just be the most popular fishing destination in Montana as it tops the recommendation of almost all anglers who have visited this. You can easily find large quantities of bass and trout here. The weight of these fish is also higher than the average ones you catch. There is a healthy population of fish species here. You can catch these at a great depth of 200-feet. But make sure that you have a valid fishing license at all times while you fish here.

3. Georgetown Lake

Considered to be an alpine lake, Georgetown lake has garnered a lot of appreciation. The variety and dense population of fish here are truly amazing. The insects’ life here is just bursting out, leading to a healthy stock of giant brook trout. That is what this lake is best known for. You must start fishing from the shore and weedy areas when you come to this lake.

4. Ruby River

It is quite a shame if you visit Montana and don’t go fishing at the Ruby River. The view is just so scenic that it cannot be missed easily. The water temperature is considerably warm here, which encourages the growth of water plants and fish breeding. You can fish for a wide range of different fish species, including catfish, bass, and trout.

5. Big Hole River

This picturesque lake cannot be described in words as it wouldn’t do justice to the beauty it holds. This is a classic trout river that is abundant in trout. You can avail yourself of both kinds of fishing opportunities here; wade and floating. You can also fish for Arctic graylings here in the higher reaches, but you would need a set of professional fishing equipment.

6. Yellowstone River

This waterway is usually referred to as the best fishing spot in Montana. It has two different types of fisher; a cold-water and a hot-water one. Different kinds of the fish breed in both, so you can choose to fish in either based on your preference. But the trout here is world-class, and you should fish for that here. But the caddis, salmon, and hopper fishing are also popular during various times of the year.

7. Missouri River

This river is known for being a well-reputed fishing stop even in history. People would come here from all across the US, as it was home to a healthy fish population. This Riven extends for over 700 -miles throughout Montana. The focus of anglers who fish here is mainly trout, but other varieties are stocked here. The best time for fishing here is the spring season.

8. Gallatin River

This river is found on the elevated peaks of Yellowstone Park. It flows through the canyon and then from a valley. It later connects with the Missouri River, so it is home to a similar batch of fish. This river is known for its scenic view and rainbow and brown trout. The shallow parts of this river are also so abundant in fish that you would seldom need to take about to the river.

9. Backfoot River

If you have read the well-reputed 1976 book, A River Runs Through It; then you must be familiar with this beautiful river. Just imagine how spectacular it must be that it was featured in one of the highest-selling books. The clean water and lush green trees make it a nice fishing spot. It entices the anglers with plenty of trout varieties, especially rainbow trout.

10. Beaverhead River

The trip advisors and fishing experts may not suggest this place to beginners as it is quite a challenge to fish at the Beaverhead River. It is nearly impossible to catch a fish from the shore, so you must access the river via a boat. But the effort is worth it as mainly all fish here are large average-sized.


You must have heard the name “trout” quite a lot in this post. We can’t help but admit that trout is abundant in Montana. All varieties and kinds are easily caught; it is like the trout treasure here for anglers. So, if you want to catch some easy trout, drive on to Montana now. You will get the picturesque view as a bonus!


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