10 Best Places to Fish in Nebraska

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All the Nebraskans reading this may get bored; they would already know about the best fishing spots since they love to fish. But you all can cross-check if your favorite spot made it into our list or not. If I didn’t, we highly recommend that you visit the following because they are definitely worth your time.

What constitutes the best fishing place? It must have two things: good fish and a beautiful view. These two go hand in hand because, with a dull, dry view, you will be just a worker trying to catch a fish. So, let us discover some great fishing spots in Nebraska!

1. Lake McConaughey

Anglers have described this lake’s water as deep, cool, and clear (all the ideal qualities). The fish that are easily found here are catfish and rainbow trout, but if you are really lucky, you might be able to get your hands on the massive walleye.

This lake is known for hosting tournaments and fishing competitions. Make sure you stock on supplies before driving here.

2. Wagon Train Lake

If you google its pictures, you may be disappointed in its small size. But from an angler’s perspective, you can leverage this size to your advantage. The fishing here is excellent as catching a fish as heavy as 12-15 pounds is not that alarming here. The species of fish caught is here are top-notch.

3. Box Butte Reservoir

This 1600-acre lake is another spectacular fishing spot. It not only boasts great fish stocked but the scenic view and beauty around it. This lake is abundant in pike, so you can easily fish for that here. However, some efforts have been made to control the overpopulation of pike and encourage their fishing.

4. Sandhills Lake

The first thing that would have crossed your mind after reading this name would have been the arid dunes. However, a large number of lakes have been scattered throughout the area. Though mostly lakes are shallow here, you can easily spot big yellow bellies underwater.

As this lake is often crowded, you might have to move up to the deeper waters in the south.

5. Merritt Reservoir

Without a doubt, you can claim this lake to be the best spot to catch catfish in the whole state. For all the fishing enthusiasts, this place is a fishing treasure. You can easily hook a big, heavy fish from the shore or the boat. This spot is inviting a lot of audience because of catfish overpopulation, so try to visit it sooner before it gets too crowded.

6. Gavin’s Point Dam

Though the name feels specific, this lake is quite large and can be easily accessed. The anglers love this spot because of its view; people drive from far away just to catch a glimpse of the sunset here. This is an outstanding fishing spot as it is home to walleye, saugeye, sauger hybrid.

7. Elwood Reservoir

Though you may have heard of this reservoir in bad terms, it still serves as one of the state’s remarkable fishing spots. Apart from water level suffering, the fish have bloomed here. This reservoir has a fertile environment, and it encourages plants’ growth, making the water habitable and breeding ground for fish species.

You must expect to catch white bass, channel catfish, walleye, and maybe muskellunge.

8. Branched Oak Lake

This lake attracts many anglers because of the beauty of the Salt Valley and the Lancaster County nearby. This lake is home to some excellent catfish. The channel cats can easily weigh up to 20 pounds, and catfish caught can weigh around 40 pounds, massive. Many other types of fish are also found here in abundance.

9. Burchard Lake

Since its formations, many enhancements and improvements have been made to this lake. It may not be completely natural, but it serves to be a great fishing spot. A new boat ramp has also been installed here recently for the convenience of anglers. This lake is home to an impressive number of fish, including bass, trout, crappie, catfish, and walleye.

10. Sherman Reservoir State Recreation Area

Once you enter this place, it may seem like you are in heaven. The beauty of this place is simply indescribable. You just have to go there and capture it in all its glory. This reservoir has a good quantity of great walleye, northern pike, crappie, catfish, and white bass. So, fishing here while enjoying the view will just be like a dream come true for all anglers.


There are many more places that didn’t cut just because we had ten spots to fill. It was impossible to fit all of the remarkable fishing spots located in Nebraska. But you will surely find your new favorite here!


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