10 Best Places to Fish in Nevada

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A great fishery is not made, rather it is discovered. So, you may have gone to many fishing spots that were stocked or fishing pools made to make the challenges of traditional fishing easier. But if you want the real experience and what to face the challenges of fishing head-on, then get your gear ready!

We have selected the top best places in Nevada where you can go fishing. All of these places allow you to enjoy the natural landscape and get the fishing experience. So, are you ready?

1. Knott Creek Reservoir

Wouldn’t you love to fish as the lovely sharp smell of pine trees charm you? Do have that sort of rich and luxurious fishing experience, you can visit this destination. It is located in Humboldt County and is surrounded by Pine Forest Mountains. Normally all kinds of country and locally known fish are easily available here. This waterbody is better known for producing “catch and release” fish.

2. Truckee River

You may know of this river if you have taken a trip to western Nevada. There this river is highly popular as it is the largest river there. The fishing season here is open all year long. So, you get to decide on which weather you will plan your fishing. The fish species that are in abundance here are brown trout, rainbow trout, Lahontan cutthroat trout.

3. Wild Horse Reservoir

If you have watched the 1960’s countryside movies, then you must have seen this reservoir. It reminds you greatly of Texas because of its landscape, weather, and unmatched natural beauty. This place is 65 miles north of Elko. You can easily catch a large variety of fish ranging from smallmouth bass, channel catfish, yellow perch, brown trout, and rainbow trout.

4. Cave Lake

This lake is located around 15 miles southeast of the Ely, which is founded on Route 486. This lake covers a large area of 2,700 acres, and the scenery is indescribable. You might just believe you are in heaven once you fish here. Even words like incredible cannot do justice to its serenity. You will find various fish, but this lake is densely populated with trout species: rainbow, planter, wild brown, and tiger.

5. Ruby Lake

You can easily locate this lake 70 miles southeast of Elko. The name caught on because it is found in the Ruby Valley. The view here is so mesmerizing that you might forget to fish while you are here. This lake is well known for its largemouth bass.

6. Eagle Valley Reservoir

This reservoir is found in the Spring Valley State Park. Since it is a lawful and well-maintained park, the facilities here are remarkable. You can locate 18 miles from Pioche town. This reservoir floods with fish like the brown, rainbow, and tiger trout. The extended shoreline makes it easy to access the fish. There is a fishing dock for anglers’ convenience too!

7. Lake Tahoe

This lake is the largest alpine lake in the entire United States. This is why you might have heard of it before. It is located in the Douglas, Washoe, and Carson City counties. This lake is breathtaking and gorgeous. It was formed and discovered approximately 2 million years ago, and since then, it continues to produce healthy fish species. A wide variety of trout is available here!

8. Lake Mead

This lake is formed on the Colorado River and is nearly 25 miles southeast of Las Vegas. So, you can avail yourself of the luxurious hotel services and a little gambling time after a tiring day of fishing. This lake is the largest human-made lake in the entire United States. It consists of abundant fish species like rainbow trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, crappie, and bluegill sunfish.

9. Echo Canyon Reservoir

This 65-acre lake is made from crystal clear, pure water that encourages plants’ growth and breeding of fish. It is found in the Echo Canyon State Parks and offers many other sports activities too. Rainbow trout, largemouth bass, brown trout, and speckled dace are easily found here. The fishing season continues here throughout the year.

10. Lake Mohave

This amazing lake is located on the Colorado River and was initially brought into existence by the massive Davis Dam. This vast lake covers 28,260-acres of water and is home to many different varieties of fish. The most commonly caught fish are rainbow trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, common carp, and sunfish.


Please don’t hate us if we could not present your favorite and best fishing spot in Nevada. It is only because the pool to choose from was quite large, and a lot of good ones did not cut because only ten seats were to be filled. But still, now that you know of these new spots, visit them this fishing season and have your lifetime.


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