10 Best Places to Fish in New Hampshire

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It is impossible that you either live in New Hampshire or know someone who does, and that person doesn’t love fishing! People in New Hampshire are crazy about perfecting the fishing experience. But it isn’t that challenging for them considering how awesome fishing spots they have, And such destinations instill the spirit to enjoy fishing.

If you haven’t set out for a fishing trip ever, and are planning to, let us guide you through the way. Some excellent fishing spots in New Hampshire will offer you a fishing experience that you will remember forever. So, pack your gear because you are going to New Hampshire!

1. Atlantic Ocean

Who wouldn’t love to fish in a section of the grand ocean? That is right! This will be an experience of a lifetime for you, so don’t miss your chance. You may never get to experience deep sea fishing if you don’t visit this fishing spot. Boats can take you as far as Portsmouth, Rye, and the Hampton will offer you all the essentials you would require. The fish caught here are unimaginable.

2. Pemigewasset River

Don’t waste all of your time learning how to spell or pronounce this name. The name may be tough, but the place and fishing arena are completely worth it. The river that runs through the peaks is serene and is flooded with trout. So, you can fish here and catch heavy, large-sized trout. Other fish species are also available here!

3. Hilton’s Point

Just like its name, this spot is a remarkable fishing point. This is one of the first few fishmongers who came here from England and resided in New Hampshire. And even after 400 years, this place still serves to be a top-notch fishing destination. The fish here are said to be of prime quality, health, and breed.

4. Contoocook Lake

This lake is so scenic that you will fall in love with the beauty and landscape alone; you may forget to fish here. This great place is home to many fish species like bass, sunfish, and catfish. It is centrally located in the state and can be easily accessed. F you are an amateur angler, you may not find a better place than this to learn.

5. Lake Francis

This lake is located in a Park, and it is a great fishery. It is surrounded by thick, lush green forests that give it an amazing look and offer you a plan to camp outside. The lake is packed with many different fish species like salmon and trout. This lake is also popular because it is home to large chain pickerel.

6. Hermit Lake

If you are looking for a great fishery where you can fish for largemouth bass alone in peace, then this is the spot for you. Since there is not much variety of fish here, this lake is secluded and less crowded. The view is spectacular, and the morning time is simply breathtaking. There is no rush and hassle of a bigger lake, and you can easily access the mid part via a canoe or a kayak.

7. Squam Lake

This is one of the biggest lakes in New Hampshire, so that you might have heard of it. If not, then so you are in for a treat. There are so many great fishing species here, and you can easily fish for them. This place is truly awesome and perfect for beginner anglers. The little and big squam are located near one another, and they pose as a great place to fish.

8. Merrimack River

This river is flooded with salmon that is said to be bigger than salmon caught anywhere else. Many fancy restaurants worldwide catch their salmon fish from here and then serve it as a delectable dish. This river offers plenty of fishing opportunities to the anglers to enjoy the true essence of fishing and connect with nature.

9. Connecticut River

This river acts as the western boundary for New Hampshire. This is good news for anglers as it makes the river easily accessible. This river offers fishing spots that are ideal for fly-fishing. In the upper valley, which is closer to Lebanon, anglers have been reported to have caught northern pike in large quantity.

10. Hampton Harbor

The mouth of this spot between Seabrook and Hampton is a well-known fishing spot, and anglers can easily land fish like stripers, bluefish, and sometimes flounder here. Anglers have claimed that the view here is simply majestic.


What is better than spending your summers down at the docks or near a serene riverbank and relax in nature? The answer would be nothing. New Hampshire fishing spots promise to deliver; scenic views and water bodies stocked with wide varieties of fish. So, get ready to experience the best time of your life!


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