10 Best Places to Fish in New Jersey

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Who said that the Atlantic City and the Boardwalk are the only top attractions of New Jersey? If you have ever peeked outside of these, you will notice the beautiful water-world that lies just outside it.

If you love to fish, then visiting New Jersey and exploring fun fishing destinations should be at the top of your bucket list. There are so many fishing stations nearby that driving for long hours wouldn’t happen. No other state can compete with the high-water conditions, stocked fish, healthy breeding grounds, and the fertile environment when it comes to New Jersey’s waterbodies.

So, let us get started.

1. Union Lake

When it comes to bass fishing in New Jersey, you cannot find a better place than this lake. It occupies 898 acres of water and has become the favorite of bass anglers. In recent years, the bass population has flourished here because of the dam and some improvement s made to the lake. The growth rate of fish from bass to other varieties of fish has been truly amazing.

2. Lake Mercer

This lake is the largest impoundment located on the Assunpink Creek drainage system. This lake occupies a 300-acre water area and is only a few miles east of Trenton. It has an excellent boat launch, and you can easily gain access to it. This lake is well known for producing great quality and quantity of bass. You can night-fish here too because of the easy permits given. A large range of fish species is stocked here.

3. Lake Assunpink

You may have heard of this lake before, as even after years of formation, it continues to produce a wide range of healthy fish species. It is almost always crowded, which is why it received the title of being one of the most heavily fished lakes in the state. This 225-acre lake hosts many bass-fishing tournaments each year.

Fishing is almost effortless here because of the accessible shoreline and dense population of fish living there.

4. Manasquan Reservoir

You can think of this reservoir as the state’s newest waters. It is extended to around 770-acres and is like a hidden gem fisher for anglers. It has an amazing water supply and a stock of fish. The population of small and largemouth bass here is truly exceptional.

During the months of summer, you can enjoy some prime time while fishing for quality fish species.

5. Keyport Fishing Pier

You may be tired of reading about bass everywhere in New Jersey. What do you say that we spice it up a little? If you want to fish for some premium fish species like Stripers or Bluefish, then head on to this pier. The main item of the highlight here is the delicious crab. But it isn’t that easy to catch such fish here. You must have professional gear and baits.

6. Iona Lake

If you are looking for some premium rainbow trout, this fishing spot in New Jersey is a must-visit. This 36-acre lake will offer such an amazing fishing experience that you will cherish it forever. Here you can easily catch heavy and large-size versions of fish like largemouth bass, chain pickerel, and yellow perch. You can access the lake via a kayak, canoe, or the shoreline.

7. Menantico Ponds

These ponds are located in a picturesque 300-acre area, and they preserve nature in no way else. This spot is perfect if you are interested in taking a family fishing trip and using a canoe or a kayak to access the water. You will love this freshwater fishing as many species of fish are stocked here.

8. Parvin Lake

This is the largest freshwater lake in southern New Jersey, and it occupies a massive 95-acre reservoir area. It is home to many fish species, including largemouth bass, chain pickerel, bluegill, and rainbow trout. You can easily access the populated part of this lake via electric motorboats.

9. Sunset Lake

As the name suggests, this lake allows you to see one of the best and most scenic sunsets, possibly in all of America. This is claimed to be one of the best fishing lakes in Southern New Jersey. It is home to many fish species like largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, green sunfish, and yellow perch.

10. Bayshore Waterfront Park

If you google the pictures of this spot, you would instantly book a ticket to New Jersey. This park occupies more than 200-acres of land. The pier at this park is considered to be legendary. Anglers spend most of their mornings here trying to catch fish like Stripers, Blues, and Flatfish.


We sincerely hope that this list helped you pick out your new favorite fishing destinations. You may have some trouble narrowing down the one you like the most because all of these are equally good! So, get your gear ready because you will be flying out to somewhere in New Jersey in this fishing season.


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