10 Best Places to Fish in New Mexico

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Most people don’t think of New Mexico when it comes to fishing. But let us tell you that this place is a hidden gem. There are so many unexplored fishing spots that could just simply transform your fishing experience from ordinary to remarkable.

The dry landscape and desserts mainly dominate New Mexico, but some spectacular parks offer excellent fishing with a breath-taking view. You may not find a better place in the entire state than to seek solitude and some peace. So, let us suggest to you the top best fishing destinations in New Mexico!

1. Pecos River

This place is a tourist attraction that invites and attracts a lot of visitors each year. It is stocked with prime water fish and a wide range of different trout varieties. We would recommend that you visit this place in June as there are no frightening lightning or storms. There are no bugs or insects either so that you can enjoy camping and fishing here.

2. San Juan River

This world-famous fishery is located just below the Navajo Dam, which is found in northwest New Mexico. People come from all across the state just to fish for the very popular “The Juan” fish. It is crucial to have a fishing guide with you if you haven’t visited this place before. It poses a lot of fishing challenges.

3. Upper Rio Grande River

The upper part of this river, closer to Taos, is a great fishing spot during early summers. You can think of it as the trout epicenter in New Mexico. There are so many streams nearby that are sourced by this river. So, if you feel like fishing in a secluded stream, you will find a lot of fish to catch there too.

4. Red River

You will enjoy fishing here as it is a densely populated tributary of the Rio Grande. The fishing section of this river is located in a canyon, so it wouldn’t be wise to go hiking here. The wild cut bow and brown trout are abundant here. Ants, grasshoppers, and beetles will provide a healthy breeding ground for fish to grow and populate.

5. Santa Cruz

The state record rainbow trout is located here; a 31-pound massive beast was pulled out of this river in 1999. This lake extends for 35 miles and is a great recreational spot. There are so many trails right beside the shore, so it becomes a great spot for family day.

6. Green Meadows Lake

If you have visited this lake, you will agree with us when we say it is a unique pick. This beautiful lake is home to rainbow and brown trout, white bass, warmouth, and catfish. This place is perfect for teaching beginner anglers how to fish. This is a fun fishery that doesn’t require much skill and effort.

7. Fenton Lake

This lake is found in the Fenton Lake State Park, which is located near Jemez Springs. Rainbow trout are stocked in it all year long. The bank of this river poses as a potential bank with a lot of fishing opportunities. The forests may make the fishing more challenging for amateur anglers, but this lake is perfect for Kayak fishing.

8. Ruidoso River

This river is located in the Sierra Blanca Mountains. It poses as a remarkable river for trout fishing. You can easily catch rainbow, brook, brown trout, and cutthroat here. While you are fishing here, you must pay great attention to the Stonefly hatches. You also must be careful about unknown trespassing as stringent laws are controlling it.

9. Gila River

The Mainstem of this river will offer you plenty of fishing opportunities. You will find sunfish, catfish, and smallmouth bass very easily, along with the populated rainbow trout. This river is found in the Gila National Forest. Since it is at a height after 7000 feet in elevation, you will begin to sense trouble in hiking and fishing. So, be careful!

10. Lake Maloya

This 130-acre lake located near the Colorado border is all you need to see this fishing season. This is a peaceful and scenic location that bedazzles you with its natural serenity while you fish. People usually come here and opt for kayaking and canoeing. But fishing is an equally popular activity here.


By now, you must have decided which place you will be visiting this fishing season, but we know for sure that it will be someplace here in New Mexico. The wide range of exotic fish and beautiful views are enough to convince you that you must choose a fishing place in New Mexico!


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