10 Best Places to Fish in North Dakota

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Have you still not decided where you will be spending your fishing season this year? If not, then worry not, because we have a few places in mind. You might have traveled all over the US, to all those fancy and known fishing resorts. But this time, you must try something closer to nature and something raw.

This time you should get your hands dirty somewhere in North Dakota. We have picked up some cool places for you to check out. One of these might just be the perfect fishing destination for you. Let us see!

1. Jamestown River

If you have heard of Pipestem Dam, you would be glad to know that that dam sources this reservoir. Because of this, this river is home to crappie, perch, walleye, and northern pike. There are so many water sports offered here that fishing and boating will not only be on your bucket list.

2. Nelson Lake

If you are thinking to twist things up and fish only for bass this fishing season, then this is the place you must go. It is almost too easy to catch bass here like you would dip your hand in the water and pick one out. The good thing is that small, and largemouth bass are both available. You may even catch some crappies and northern pikes too.

3. Red River

Don’t take the name too seriously; It isn’t a blood lake! This is the place you must choose if you are looking for an awesome, fun fishing experience. It is located near a thick, green forest, just like you see in movies. You can easily catch a walleye and pike here. Huge catfish also lurk in this water.

4. Lake Oahe

This lake stretches from South to North Dakota. It seems like quite an extended version for a lake, but that is where the fun lies. Longer shore means more opportunities to catch fish. Catfish, white bass, northern pike, and walleye are commonly found here. This is a “must visit” spot for all the anglers.

5. Lake Tschida

This lake is more famously known as the Heart Butte Reservoir. Don’t think of it as some sorts of lovers’ resorts. You can catch fish like smallmouth bass, tiger, walleye, perch, muskies, and northern pike in large quantity here. This place is perfect for a weekend fishing trip.

6. Lake Metigoshe

The best way to describe this lake is through one word: gorgeous. The view is not only breathtaking, but it calms you and connects you with nature. This makes the fishing experience even more amazing. You will have numerous opportunities to catch bluegills, pike, walleye, and perch. Even if you don’t fish, just go to soak in the view!

7. Devils Lake

As the name suggests, this lake is unique in some way. One assumption as to why it is named is because of the large size of fish caught. The species commonly found here are walleye, white bass, northern pike, and perch. It is safe to say that it is the top fishing spot in the entire state.

8. Lake Audubon

If you are looking for good smallmouth bass, then this is the fishing spot for you. You can easily catch perch and huge walleye too. This place is scenic in general, too; you would love to fish while being ravished by the view here. It is so peaceful that people just go here and set up a camp or a couple of chairs nearby.

9. Lake Sakakawea

This lake is home to a wide range of different fish species. There are perch,  walleye, northern pike, and many more. This variety is also inclusive of many other kinds of fish too like trout and salmon. It is nearly impossible to have this much variety anywhere else. So, this fishing spot is a must-try for all those anglers looking for a superb fishing experience.

10. Missouri River

Considering how large this river is, it is safe to assume that it is home to many fish species. You can catch some impressive paddlefish and huge walleye here. The best time to fish here is the spring season; it is absolutely lovely then.


Have you decided which one is your favorite fishing spot now? So many great options to choose one; well, this one is tough. You might go for a draw or close your eyes and then choose one because this one is more like Sophie’s Choice. But wherever you go, that love from the land of North Dakota will follow and will color your fishing experience!


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