10 Best Places to Fish in Ohio

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With around 50000 pounds, 7000 miles of different streams, and 124000 acres of inland waters, saying Ohio as the state of water would not be wrong. The diverse water in Ohio provides numerous fishing opportunities to the anglers. From the small ponds here to big rivers, you can fish anywhere you want. Some famous species found in the waters here include northern pike, perch of Lake Erie, walleye, crappie, catfish, and much more.

So, let’s discuss the ten best fishing spots in Ohio with each of its fish species and some other features.

1. Lake Erie

When it comes to fishing in Ohio, Lake Erie always stands first. These lake rates are eleventh among the largest lakes throughout the world. It is known for its perch and walleye, while other fish species here include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, steelhead, and more. The weather and water conditions in this lake change continuously as it is also included in the five great lakes of the United States.

2. Little Beaver Creek

The beautiful, wild, and scenic little Beaver Creek is located in Columbiana County’s Little Beaver State Park. This creek is equipped with almost 63 species, while the most popular species are rock bass and smallmouth bass. Moreover, this place is best for anglers who love nature due to its amazing trees and sceneries.

3. Alum Creek Lake

The Alum Creek Lake is situated in central Ohio. It has a large size, which makes it one of the favorite fishing destinations in the state. It has super easy access points for both shoreline and boat anglers. This lake has many fishes, including muskie, largemouth bass, saugeye, smallmouth bass, crappie, etc. It is the only lake that contains muskie in central Ohio, so, if you are a Muskie lover, you must plan a fishing trip in this lake.

4. Ohio River

The Ohio River is famous for its tail-water fishing, which enables anglers to fish all year long. The river provides plenty of fishing opportunities to the anglers, while some of the top fish species found here are hybrid striped bass, channel fish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, sauger, blue catfish, and flathead, etc. Anglers mostly fish here on the boat; while fishing on the shoreline, anglers must-visit dams and lock areas, etc.

5. Portage Lakes

The Portage Lakes is located in summit county. These lakes are six lakes that occupy around 2000 acres of land with a more than 6 miles shoreline. All of these lakes are famous for their largemouth bass population. Other fish species here include bluegill and channel catfish.

6. Seneca Lake

The Seneca Lake is an Eastern Ohio Lake. Its 45 miles of shoreline and wide range of fish species are among the largest fishing lakes open to Ohio. The species found in abundance here include crappie, channel fish, largemouth bass, and saugeye. Moreover, Seneca Lake is also famous for family fishing trips due to its friendly environment and nearby restaurants and hotels.

7. Piedmont Lake

It is one of the most famous fishing spots in southeast Ohio. It is known for its crappie and smallmouth bass. Catching nine-inch crappie is a usual thing here. Moreover, it is near Cadiz and Steubenville town, which has many places to stay. So, you can also plan a longer trip here.

8. Conneaut Creek

In northeastern Ohio, the Conneaut Creek is home to around 70 species; however, it is best known for its steelhead. So, if you love catching steelhead, this creek is a must-visit place in Ohio. Some other famous catches here include muskie, smallmouth bass, trout, northern pike, and walleye. The season here starts from early fall and goes till late spring.

9. Clear Fork Reservoir

The Clear Fork Reservoir has its location near Mansfield. This reservoir is home to various sizes of largemouth bass, which is found in abundance here. Moreover, this lake is also known for its muskie, while fish species here are channel catfish, bluegill, crappie, and more. However, shoreline fishing has some restrictions; you can only fish on the shoreline in western and southern banks.

10. Hoover Reservoir

The Hoover Reservoir is situated northeast of Columbus. This reservoir is especially known for its catfish population. Moreover, you can also find a good amount of blue catfish here. You can also find some other fish species here, including carp, longnose gar, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and saugeye.


You must plan a fishing trip somewhere in Ohio, either solo or with friends or family. So, don’t miss the opportunity of having the most amazing fishing trip.


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