10 Best Places to Fish in Oregon

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Are you looking for a perfect fishing spot in Oregon? If yes, then we have brought the ten best places for you to fish in Oregon. From east to west, north to south, Oregon is full of amazing spots, and the below mentioned ten places are the best ones.

The fishing spots here are also known for their amazing campsites, hiking trails, and other recreational places along with great water. Let’s study all these ten spots one by one and know all their essential details like fish species, location, and more.

1. Williamson River

The Williamson River is the most famous in Oregon for targeting rainbow trout, so it is a dream location for the anglers who love catching rainbow trout. It is located in south-central Oregon. Other fish species found in this river include brook trout, redband trout, and more especially the upper region of Williamson River. Moreover, this river is also a pure treasure of nature, which is a bonus.

2. Necanicum River

The Necanicum River is located in northwest Oregon. It is around 21 miles long. The famous fish species here are chinook salmon, Coho salmon, steelhead, sea-run cutthroat trout, chum salmon, rainbow trout, and more. Moreover, this river is famous for its hatchery fishes, which arrives every year in early winter while some other wild fishes arrive here later in the season.

3. Umpqua River

The 111-miles long Umpqua River is situated on Oregon’s Pacific Coast. The south region of the river is popular for its Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, coastal cutthroat trout, steelhead, Pacific lamprey, green and white sturgeon, brook lamprey, and more. So, this river is heaven for salmon, lamprey, and steelhead lovers, as these species are available in abundance here.

4. Deschutes River

Located in central Oregon, the Deschutes River is around 100 miles long. The lower part of the river is known for its fly fishing, while the river itself is popular for its blue-ribbon fisheries, especially wild steelhead, and native trout. This river has a very wild yet extremely scenic location, which is a great attraction for people throughout the state.

5. Nestucca River

The Nestucca River is situated in Pacific City and flows into the ocean. If you visit here during spring or fall, you will be able to catch a large number of chinook salmon, while during summer and winter, plenty of steelheads can be caught. So, before planning a visit, determine your target, and plan a trip accordingly. Moreover, you can also find a large population of trout here.

6. Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is one of the most loved fishing spots for trout lovers. While fishing here, you can find an extensive amount of brown and tiger trout with a large population. However, these fish species are only for catching and releasing as per the regulations here. Additionally, you can also visit the lake for ice fishing during winters.

7. Multnomah Channel

The Multnomah Channel has a location on the lower part of the Willamette River. This river is a popular attraction for people from all over the states during summer as there is plenty of chinook salmon here during the season. Moreover, you will also find many smallmouth basses, grass carp, and channel catfish here.

8. Eagle Creek

The Eagle Creek has a length of around 27 miles. The naturally rich creek is home to various fish species, and all of these species are having specific seasons. For example, during spring, you can find many trout here, while the summer here is famous for Coho salmon, trout, and steelhead. Moreover, if you plan a trip in fall and winter, you will good amount of steelhead and trout.

9. McKenzie River

McKenzie River is also famous for its trout fishing. You will find both stoked and wild trout fishes here. Additionally, during summertime, you will find steelhead, while spring here is famous for Chinook salmon. You will also find some other fish species like catfish, northern pike, panfish, muskellunge, walleye, bullhead, whitefish, sauger, lake sturgeon, white perch, paddlefish, and more.

10. John Day River

John Day River is one of the best spots for targeting smallmouth bass in the country. The season here starts from mid-June and ends in August. The larger amount of smallmouth bass here enables anglers never to end the fishing without a catch. The smallest bass here is around 8-12″ while the large ones have a size range of 18-20″.


If you are one of those anglers who loves exploring new fishing spots, you must also add the places mentioned earlier in your list.


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