10 Best Places to Fish in Vermont

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As Spring blossoms in Vermont, people pack their fishing gear and head off to fishing destinations. Because as gardens and meadows bloom with the scent of freshly grown flowers, the lakes and other water bodies in Vermont flood with wide varieties of fish. This way, any pool of stagnant water you might see in Vermont at springtime is a prospect fishery.

But now that you have landed in a state, it is time to look for the best fishing spot. You would want to have a complete experience with your friends and family, so we will try our best to guide you right. Don’t worry, no matter where you are in Vermont, you will get to make pretty cool memories!

1. Winooski River

If you find yourself visiting Vermont in Mid-May, then the best place to visit for fishing is the Winooski River. The fish here are available in such a large quantity that you can either catch them with your rod, or you could even do a little hand action, and voila! A caught fish. The most commonly found species here are yellow perch, white perch, smallmouth, largemouth bass, brown bullhead, and northern pike.

2. Lake Champlain

You might have read it as champion on your first try, and that is exactly what this is! This lake is located on Burton Island Park and can be easily accessed by a boat or through a canoe. The young and amateur anglers can easily learn and seasoned because they are abundant and of prime quality. You can also benefit from other sports activities like hiking and camping here.

3. Baker Pond

You will observe that this fishing spot is in amazing condition and is very well maintained, and a primary reason is that it is owned by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. The view here is so serene that you will love the gorgeous view and peaceful atmosphere. Largemouth bass and pumpkinseed sunfish are quite easily caught here. The trout breed here in the early spring season.

4. Shelburne Bay

This area also comes under the jurisdiction of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. You can just head onto the shore of this area and catch as many fish as you like. The place is amazingly neat and hygienic. Try to get onto the bridge on Bay Road if you can, as the fishing experience gained is simply remarkable. If you visit the lake in late fall, you will find rainbow or lake trout. Otherwise, you are more likely to catch panfish, bass, and northern pike.

5. Shaftsbury Lake

This gorgeous and tranquil lake is the epitome of the best fishing spot. You get the feeling of peace and the aroma of nature wafting around. Everything feels so beautiful and raw here that we bet this will become your new fishing spot. Anglers come here to fish from a wide range of species available and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that cannot be seen anywhere else.

6. Lowell Lake

Your first opinion will be that this state park is highly underdeveloped. You may not get the luxuries of a fiver start hotel nearby, but that is the best thing about this place. This is best for those anglers, particularly those who enjoy old-school fishing. No motorized boats are allowed, so the old wooden boats or kayaks are mid to catch fish. So, pack your fishing stuff in a canoe and paddle away!

7. Half Moon Pond

This beautiful place is especially for seasoned anglers as in fall and winters this place gets kind of foggy, but it has a great quantity and quality of fish. It is home to a wide range of fish species, but many anglers have claimed that fishing is a challenging sport here. But that is what makes it fun. You can camp around here too and delve into the natural beauty of the place. With a playground, swimming area, and boat rentals, this becomes a family vacation spot.

8. Bullhead Pond

If you like to have plenty of options to fish from at the same place and want to have your part of the shore, this pond is ideal. It is fully packed with trout and the best time to catch fish here is in early spring. Make sure you don’t wait for the water to get too warm, rather go fishing earlier.

9. Silver Lake

You can enjoy fishing from this lake by directly setting up your fishing gear from Silver Lake State Park’s shoreline. Not only that, you can set up your camps and enjoy a campfire under the thick, large trees of the dense forest surrounding the lake. Canoe and boats are easily available here.

10. Sunset Lake

The highlight of this place maybe the floating bridge, but that is not all. You can walk up to this bridge and get your reel over it so you can fish in the lake underneath. This is the perfect spot to enjoy some sunlight and fish from the bridge. In early spring, this lake is flooded with trout and is superpopulated.


You must have picked out your favorite one from the list, but it may have been challenging because every fishery in Vermont is not only abundant in premium fish, but it offers a scenic view. Who can say no to that?

So, get your tickets or pack up your car because it may be spring in other states, but it is the fishing season in Vermont.


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