10 Best Places to Fish in Virginia

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If you live somewhere around the East Coast or have narrowed down the fishing spots to this coast, you should most definitely choose someplace in Virginia for fishing. This state is packed with so many fun fisheries that it will become challenging for you to choose one.

So, to make it easier for you, here are our top picks for the best places to fish in Virginia. Choose your favorite one!

1. Mossy Creek

This place is incredibly famous for offering one of the best fly-fishing experiences in all of Virginia. This may be one of the easiest creeks for anglers to handle, as on limestone creeks, the fish must be caught from banks and not the water. The brown trout are wildly popular here and are available in large quantities. You will also find many fishing guides here who will educate you about all the essentials.

2. Lake Moomaw

The name may seem a little hilarious, but this place is the real deal. It is one of the most awesome fishing spots in Virginia. This lake is human-made, and it occupies around 2530 acres of area. Unlike many other lakes, it is perfect for winter fishing. Though many anglers may find it challenging, that is the exhilarating part: bass, sunfish, crappie, and catfish, and cold-water fish, such as trout.

In the category of trout, you can find brook, rainbow, and brown.

3. James River

This river intersects directly with the downtown Richmond area. This is why it is very to access, and if you are not local, you can enjoy the luxuries of fishing near the main city area. You may say that this place is the perfect blend of history, culture, nature, and beauty. Anglers usually come here for the smallmouth bass, but they also love the flathead, blue, and channel catfish present here.

4. Lake Anna

This lake is one of the largest freshwater inland lakes present in all of Virginia. It covers around 20-square miles of water area, which means that it passes through three counties. There are over 30 different species of fish available here. From largemouth bass, striper, and crappie to many others, this lake is flooded with fish. The nearby parks offer a great setting for picnics and camping.

5. Bear Creek Lake

Don’t fear the name as you wouldn’t be haunted by some monstrous bear here! This lake covers around 40-acres of land and has a spectacular view. From boat rentals, boat launches to fishing piers, there is almost everything here. You can enter the park at around 8 am and fish for species like largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, black crappie, and channel catfish.

6. Virginia Beach

Without us saying, you must have known that this is another great fishing spot in Virginia. This beach is widely popular among travelers and tourists as they love the beach and the deep-water fishing and sightseeing. You can find fish species like Cobia, Flounder, to monster Marlin here. There is also a large variety of commonly found fish.

7. Smith Mountain Lake

This is the second largest lake in Virginia and is one of the major fishing spots on the East Coast. The shoreline extends to over 500 miles, which is massive as you can access it from many places and dismiss the area where there are many crowds. The Blue Ridge Mountains found in the surrounding make the view breath-taking and improve the population of fish species. The calm waters here are home to fish like stripers and trout.

8. Eastern Shore

This place is a unique fishing spot in Virginia because of the view and the massive area occupied. You can easily choose your fishing spot; you can either fish towards the Atlantic Ocean or the Chesapeake Bay. This place is really special because you cannot capture the whole view in just one trip. The beauty of nature here is indescribable. You can bring home fish species that are found in the ocean.

9. Lake Fairfax

This lake covers around 20-acres of land, and it is usually stocked around five times each year. This means that every year around 1000-rainbow trout are flooded into this lake, making it a great fishing spot. The sail and motorboats are prohibited here so that you can fish from the dry area. There is a pier and fishing dock for the convenience of anglers.

10.  Franklin Park

This is another excellent fishing spot in Virginia that is perfect for anglers who are not that seasoned and are struggling with fishing. With the serene views and picturesque landscapes, it becomes nearly impossible to ignore this place and not fish here.


Virginia brags some of the best fishing spots founded on the East Coast. No matter if you’re looking to wrangle enormous catfish or sightsee 2,800 miles of trout streams, something is interesting and intriguing for anglers all the way!


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