10 Best Places to Fish in Washington

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Washington is a glorious state that is packed with history, culture, and unmatched beauty. There are so many lakes, streams, rivers to fish from that you would simply believe that it is a fisherman’s heaven. And there may be nothing incorrect about it. An angler truly looks for is the fishing area and fish population, the view around, and the environment.

And there is no better place than fishing spots in Washington that promise a peaceful environment, picturesque view, and a healthy fish population. So, to avail of this all-rounder package, study the following fishing places in Washington to decide where you will travel this fishing season.

1. Green Lake

You will love this lake if you are anglers who are looking for an urban lake. This fishery is stocked with premium brown and rainbow trout, and you can easily get these fish hooked. The best part about fishing here is how little effort one has to catch the target. The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department takes care of it, so this is why this lake is highly well-maintained.

2. Lake Roosevelt

You must have heard of it or more likely seen this lake because it stretches to about 130-mile in the shoreline. This is quite long, and it allows anglers to have their private chunk of shore to fish from and not get lost in the public crowd. The stars of this lake are rainbow trout, kokanee, walleye, and smallmouth bass. This lake is a true gem for anglers who want to catch a few fish while enjoying a beautiful view.

3. Columbia River and Tributaries

One major advantage of fishing in a river with tributaries is that you can avoid the chaos of a crowd accumulated at the river shore and fish in the tributaries. They are equally densely populated in fish and premium species. This lake offers anglers plenty of opportunities to catch great, heavy salmon. If you are lucky and skilled enough, you may just be able to bag a white sturgeon home. Landing a king salmon from here is quite common.

4. Fish Lake

As the name suggests, this lake is primarily for fishing. This is one of the most popular fishing spots in the region, and you can catch a good amount of rainbow, tiger, and brook trout from here. Many anglers catch trout in bulk from here and then sell them at great profit. The view is simply serene, and the prime fishing month are summer months.

5. Lake Washington

The true fishing spot that bears the name of the state too! This lake is a popular fishing destination as it is found between Bellevue and Seattle. This lake offers anglers many opportunities around the yar to catch heavy fish. The most widely available species here are rainbow trout, small and largemouth bass, perch, and seasonally found chinook, coho, and steelhead salmon. Bass and trout are available all year long.

6. Skykomish River

Anglers are often looking to catch fish like steelhead and salmon as they are cooked more and are a good sale for fishers who sell fish. If you are such an angler, then this place is perfect for you as it is full of these fish species. This river has both the summer and winter breed of the steelhead and four different species of salmon.

7. Grande Ronde River

This name is quite fun to say, especially if you pronounce it in a French accent, but the place is equally good and enjoyable. The name correctly exudes a luxurious vibe, and that is reflected in the fishing experience offered here. The major part of the river flows crosses the majestic canyons. Though the rock bottom part of the river, where mostly the prime species of fish are stocked, is easily accessible.

8. Sauk River

This river essentially is a freestone stream that originated from Glacier Peak Wilderness. This river poses to be one of the best fisheries to be home to wild steelhead. The best part about it is that the water is clean and pure as it comes directly off from the glaciers. However, big rain can make it turn all murky. This river is divided into three basic sections; all are stocked with different ratios and kinds of species.

9. Stillaguamish River

This place is an hour’s drive from Seattle. This way, you may not be too far from the city to miss out on necessities. But it isn’t too close so you can enjoy a few moments of peace away from the loud noise and hassle of the city. This river is flooded with winter and summer-run steelhead, sea-run cutthroat trout, and four salmon species.

10. Juanita Point

Though it may sound like a lover’s point for a Spanish couple madly in love, this spot is an incredible fishing destination. Many trout fishing competitions are held here, and it is widely known for its tournaments too. Catching cutthroat or heavy salmon is nothing to be surprised about here.


As everyone awaits the fishing season, make sure you have chosen the right place in Washington so that you can add a memorable experience to your fishing stories!


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