10 Best Places to Fish in West Virginia

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Asking yourself, “where shall I go for fishing in West Virginia?” is kind of a difficult question to answer. Mainly because there are so many places for anglers to fish at that they often get confused. And because of this much variety and options, there is a lot of rush at these fisheries. So, you may believe that West Virginia is a kind of a fishing hub.

Though don’t just randomly choose any place for fishing. Such experiences have to be perfect and right; otherwise, you can easily lose confidence in your fishing game. So, to help you guide through which place you must choose, here are our top picks of the best places to fish in West Virginia. Take a look!

1. Plum Orchard

This lake comes under the jurisdiction of Plum Orchard Lake Wildlife Management Area. This lake covers around 2953 acres of water area. This lake acts as a remarkable fishery as it is stocked with many fish species like largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and channel fish. Apart from this, the trophy size of largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and channel fish was also caught. You can fish here at night as all arrangements to accommodate such anglers are made.

2. Stonewall Jackson Lake

If you decide to visit this lake, make sure you stay at the Stonewall Resort, which features this lake. Their services and hospitality will tie the whole fishing experience for you. This lake is also known as the best for producing the best bass in all of West Virginia. This lake allows the catch-and-release fishing method, which means that you would be able to catch larger, heavier fish here than all other lakes. There are boat slips, pontoon rentals, and boat launch here.

3. Tygart Lake

Get your family and friends together and head off to this amazing lake for the weekend. Spend the entire fishing season here and enjoy catching some incredible fish. You would love to fish while being ravished by the picturesque view. This lake covers around 1800 acres of water and is home to fish species like panfish, crappie, channel fish, bass, and walleye. You can make living arrangements at the 20-room lodge nearby.

4. North Bend Lake

You will enjoy every minute of exploring the 305-acres of water of this lake. There are so many different fish varieties found here that this experience will be quite fun and informative for you. Fish that are normally caught here are bass, muskies, catfish, and crappie. With 36-feet of depth and warm water, this lake acts as an excellent fishery. But do make sure you have a valid license when you go off fishing because otherwise, you may not be allowed to fish.

5. Summersville Lake

Does this name seem familiar? Probably because it is the biggest lake found in the Mountain State. Because of its massive area, there is a wide range of fish here and plenty of fishing opportunities for anglers. So, if you are an amateur, this is a great place to learn. All you have to do is pack your stuff at a sandy beach or somewhere in the cliff and then head off for fishing. You can easily catch smallmouth bass and walleye here.

6. Bluestone River

This beautiful river runs through the wilderness of the forests. The landscape here is truly breath-taking, and it may deviate your focus from fishing as you might spend all your time marveling at the serenity. Fish like smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegill, and rainbow trout are easily found here because this is a warm water river. Fly fishing is very popular here, and many anglers camp nearby this river at the Pipestem Resort State Park.

7. Jennings Randolph Lake

This lake is located in Mineral County and is a well-known fishing spot. It is home to a large variety of fish like trophy-sized walleye. The lake occupies around 953-acres of land and boasts its amazing location and its scenic view. Many rivers that cut through it stock it with many different kinds of fish, but you may just find a hotspot where you could access all the species if you are lucky enough.

8. Cheat Lake

This incredibly popular fishing spot is perfect for all age groups and experience categories of anglers. Everyone can enjoy the perks of fishing here as this lake covers almost 17730-acres of land and is well known for being home to fish like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, yellow perch, white bass, catfish, and walleye. This lake is a favorite because it has many piers, docks, and boat ramps that make it very convenient for anglers to fish.

9. Shenandoah & Potomac rivers

These twin rivers have garnered a lot of praise for excellent fisheries as they are home to a wide range of fish species. These rivers have a healthy population of fish like tiger muskie, largemouth bass, and walleye. This may become your new favorite place for fly-fishing as there is Angler’s Inn nearby for you to stay at.

10. Sutton Lake

This excellent fishing spot has turned a lot of heads and has caught the attention of many anglers. You can plan a whole weekend from your trip here as there are campgrounds adjacent to it, primitive and electric sites, and beautiful landscapes around. Around 60 bass tournaments are held at this lake every year.


Fishing is not just a sports activity you perform; it is that holy practice that connects you with nature. So, make sure you put in a dedicated amount of thought into where you will go for fishing. In our opinion, our top picks are the best fishing spots, and you are going to love each of them.


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