10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Alabama

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North Alabama is nothing short of an adventure. You can easily get everything you want; from colorful festivals, delicious food, and scenic landscapes to hospitable citizens, there is everything here. So, don’t ever second guess yourself when you decide to visit Alabama for any reason. But possibly one of the best things about this state is the fishing spots.

Alabama is known for having hot summers, and since the summers are around after every few months, one has to find an effective and more lasting solution to fight off the heat. This is why we have come to your aid, and we will help you find some of the remarkable fishing places in Alabama.

1. DeSoto Falls

These are located near the small town of Mentone. The name depicts a series of three waterfalls flow together. This is why it has garnered a lot of admiration, and people from all over the US come to visit this spectacular fishing spot. It is claimed to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of the south. If you still aren’t convinced, know that this is the favorite fishing spot for locals.

2. Devil’s Den Falls

This remarkable swimming spot is located in the Cheaha State Park, and it is surrounded by many beautiful thick green forests and large trees. This large pool contains clear and cool water, and it invites many swimmers every year. This is one of the prime swimming holes in Alabama that offers not only a scenic view but a relaxing vibe so that you can leave away all your tensions and stress in the water and be refreshed.

3. Turkey Creek falls

This swimming spot is located in the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. It is highly well-maintained and well-managed. Around it is the Blue Hole, which gives swimmers plenty of opportunities to swim and settle anywhere. This is a popular fishing spot with a serene view, and the water is just the right temperature so that you can relax and swim your worries away.

4. Hippie Hole

This remarkable swimming area is located in Northwest Alabama and is within the Little River Canyon. It is a well-known swimming hole, and it has picked up this name because many young people (hippies) come here to party and have a fun time. This is one of the best fishing holes in Alabama, and the hike done to get here is truly rewarding.

5. Upper Caney Creek Falls

This beautiful fishing spot is found within the Bankhead National Forest and is hands down one of the most ethereal waterfalls ever seen. If you were to google its pictures, it is quite likely that you wouldn’t be able to comprehend and capture its true beauty in one instance. The area below the fall is secluded and so calm and peaceful. There is a light shade of trees covering the area and keeping the water just the right temperature.

6. The Blue Hole

This fishing place is located around 15 miles outside of Birmingham, in Pinson. It is the ideal place to visit if you want a relaxing vacation and are looking for a cool and calm swimming hole to dip in. This popular swimming hole attracts many professional swimmers because they love the temperature of the water. The water is never too furious, so you don’t have to fight off any waves to bear with the wild splashes.

7. Mardis Mill Falls

This spectacular fall is located in Blount County and is more popularly identified as the Graves Falls. Do not be scared as it has no ghostly associations. Still, this gorgeous 15-foot waterfall lake is highly popular among swimmers, kayakers, and just those individuals who are looking for some adventure.

8. Cheaha Falls

This sunny and beautiful waterfall is found in the Talladega National Forest and is a remarkable swimming place. You can enjoy the sharp rays of sunbathing your skin while the cool, calm water brushes against your raw body. Nothing is more pleasurable than a dive or swim in this lake during the summer in Alabama. But make sure you take all necessary precautions because the waterfall is kind of slippery.

9. Cahaba River

This river stretches to around 194-miles and is the longest free-flowing river in Alabama State. You may also say that it is biologically the most diverse river in the whole country. There are numerous swimming holes located around this beautiful river and is perfect for cooling off and beating the sharp heat of Alabama.

10. Joe Wheeler State Park

Spend a whole day here and enjoy plenty of sports activities. From biking, canoeing, and kayaking, you can enjoy many different swimming and water activities, which is better than soaking in the beautiful landscape. So, go and get your swimming gear in order.


Tell us a better way to beat the stinging Alabama heat other than taking a dip in a cool pool. You can think of it, but we can guarantee that you wouldn’t reach a solution. So, if you don’t want to turn down a rushing, slippery slide, it is time to swim in one of these amazing fishing spots!


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