10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Alaska

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Swimming in Alaska is not for the weak of heart. It demands thick skin, a daring personality, and the capability to toss all of your inhibitions. You have to be free and wild at heart so that you can enjoy every moment in the water. With some super-hot summer days falling on Alaska, swimming in the great outdoors is the fastest way to cool down and have super fun afterward.

If you’re brave enough to take the bullet and try something new and adventurous, dive into some chilly water this summer! You have got to check out these top 10 swimming places in Alaska that are truly a must-visit.

1. Arctic Ocean

This is a prime example of one of the best rural swimming places in Alaska. If you want to swim here, you must be daring, bold, and very tough. If you have limited access to different waterways, make sure you visit it as it is the largest local water source. If you have been under the scorching heat, then you will be cooled here. You can access the arctic ocean from a private land only. So, make sure you make your reservations before planning the activity.

2. Pacific Ocean

Do not fear the name of the ocean because this place is an excellent fishing spot. Whenever it is hot outside, run towards this ocean like it is calling your name. You may be tempted to jump in because the water almost always looks calm, peaceful, and fresh. But be prepared to be chilled off by the cool and calm water of this ocean.

3. Jewel Lake

This lake is great if you are looking to cool off on a hot, scorching day. This lake is perfect and convenient for all those who enjoy a great dip or a long swim. This lake also allows kayaking, canoeing, and you can even set up a picnic on the shore side. This beautiful lake is tucked away somewhere on the southern side of Anchorage.

4. Bering Sea

When in Nome, this place is a must-visit. If you have visited this place before, you know it gets so hot that you will be sweating profusely no matter where you are. Even if you are wearing a bathing suit, you will notice no better place to cool off as you can dive and swim right into the Bering Sea. Alaskans love visiting this spot because they have credited it as a remedy to overcome Alaska’s heat. There is a Bering Sea Bar and Grill nearby so you can enjoy a delicious, warm meal after the swim.

5. Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean in Ketchikan is another remarkable place for fishing. The oceans in Alaska will never be warm because God knows how excruciatingly warm Alaska can get. This way, you can blow some steam off in the cool oceans. But make sure you wear a wet suit over in which you are comfortable. This way, you can avoid and incidences. You can take along a pair of snorkels and other swimming gear to discover the world beneath.

6. Goose Lake

This beautiful lake is located right inside the largest city of Alaska, Anchorage. You can experience what awesome swimming is here. The swimming hole is the perfect way to let off some heat and cool down in the refreshing waters of Alaska. This way, you can bear with the hot summer and not meltdown. Take some lunch, a few cool drinks, and bring in all of your friends. You can hang out here all day and make memories of a lifetime.

7. Lost Lake

As the name suggests, it is the most underrated lake in Alaska. It is said to be lost because the place where it is located is kind of secluded, and not many swimmers are intrigued to visit this place. However, there is no reason why they should not consider how scenic and beautiful this lake is. One look at the peaceful, cool, blue water of this lake, and you would lose all your inhibitions. You will be so tempted to just dive into the waters.

8. Eagle and Symphony Lake

These beautiful twin lakes are found in the Hanging Valley. Just as beautiful as the name is, these lakes’ look and landscape are equally captivating and ravishing. If you decide to swim here, you must know that the experience will be super rewarding, and you will be able to the cool waves of water hitting you like a cold breeze. Once you reach this final destination, you will just dive in as you wouldn’t be able to wait.

9. Wasilla Lake

Alaska gets more hot days than you can imagine and keep track of. If you want to beat the intolerable heat, then venture down to the Wasilla lake for a peaceful swim. Set up your swimming gear and get ready to have the time of your life. You can have an amazing picnic with your family and make a full day out of it. It is very convenient to gain access to all the facilities here.

10. Chena Lake

This lake is located on the Fairbanks, and it is known to get pretty hot and toasted in summers. So, if you want to fight off that heat, then you must head off to this super gorgeous lake.


By now you must have shortlisted which place will you go for swimming. And it is no secret that all places in Alaska are unique in their way and have something extremely special. So, make sure you visit any one of these and make cherishable memories.


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