10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Arizona

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If you have been to Arizona, you must have found yourself at one point praising the Arizonians on the perseverance to not succumb to the devastating effects of its high temperatures. When the triple digits are touched in summer peaks, it is almost impossible to tolerate it without dipping into a hole.

You may stay indoors always and come out like a 90-year old one day, out of the bounds of the house, but that too wouldn’t work. But if you need the help of Mother-Nature to beat the heat effects of Mother-Nature, try to explore these top places to swim outdoors in Arizona.

1. Havasu Falls

If you follow Life Magazine frequently, you would know about this place as it was ranked as America’s best swimming hole. This, without a shred of doubt, is the biggest and most well-known natural pool in Arizona. It is located near the north of Grand Canyon and has a consistent 70 degrees temperature. This is refreshing and chilly to beat the heat of Arizona. Most sections of this fall are around 5 feet deep, so you can easily manage your swimming.

2. Fossil Creek

This place is a little outside of Phoenix and is a prime spot for fishing. You will see that many Americans, let they be Arizonian’s or not, is found in this spot while they are bathing in the awesome waterworks area. The waterfall itself is so gorgeous that you will enjoy the chilly water and the sight-seeing. Taking a dip underneath the spectacular waterfall is something that only a handful of people would be able to enjoy.

3. Seven Falls

If you go swimming here, you must know that it isn’t one of your average swims. You can think of it as an early Christmas present from God, who wants to gift you something for tolerating the unbearable heat. This place is also an amazing hiking zone, and it is located near the Canyons. For all those who are not a fan of hiking, just know that the hiking part is rather brief, and the reward at the end will be worth it.

4. Slide Rock

You judge from its size, but this place is one of the busiest tourist spots. The Slide Rock Park is found here, and this park itself is known to be home to one of the best natural swimming holes. The park is located near the Oak Creek Canyon, and the formation of giant rocks here is similar to the water-slide structure. So, all those who want the perfect weekend getaway surely wouldn’t need any more persuasion.

5. Wet Beaver Creek

This place is Arizona’s known hotspot for being the attraction center of wildlife. This creek is located in Camp Verde, which is also well-known for Out of the Africa Park and Bearizona Park. This natural swimming pool has a gorgeous view and can be seen as one of Arizona’s hidden gems. The water is cool, calm, and clear. The temperature is also a few degrees warmer than most other streams. There is also a campground nearby where all those tourists can set up camp.

6. Bull Pen

This place is another 15 miles from the eastern part of Camp Verde and is also one of Arizona’s best swimming holes. There is a beach in the shallowest region to enjoy the feel of a proper beach beside the ocean. As the water keeps getting deeper, the depth increases from 3-feet to 10-feet. The water is warm and nice, and the view of the surrounding area is simply breathtaking. This means that you can plan a whole summer’s day out of this swim.

7. Romero Pool

This place is somewhere in a deeply wooded area surrounded by many large forests and dense trees. You may not enjoy the $7 entry fee you would have to pay to enjoy the amenities here, but once your drive up in your vehicle to park, the view and the area are worth it. There are picnic spots, well-maintained restrooms, and public facilities widely available. The water is fairly clear and cool. You may have to do a little bit of hiking to gain access to the beautiful parts, but the experience is amazing.

8. Grasshopper Point

Do not be confused by the name; this isn’t some pool filled with grasshoppers, though that was our first guess too! This place is a few miles south of Encinoso Picnic Area. After you have paid the $2 fee, you can enjoy the amazing pool facilities here. The swimming hole here is truly remarkable. You can also challenge the adventurous person inside you by leaping from a 15-25-feet high cliff.

9. Ellison Creek

This creek is located close to the Water Wheel and is surprisingly cold and refreshing. The view and scenery from the hiking trails are simply breathtaking. You can also avoid the hike’s major part as a car can easily pass through the hiking route. There are plenty of cliff-jumping opportunities here too.

10. Crescent Moon Ranch

This is just a few miles away from the Red Rocks campground. This offers you an advantage as this way the younger children can enjoy the shallow pools and soak up the scenic view.


Your top choice for a holiday may not be Arizona, but now that we have told you about the most amazing swimming places in Arizona, you must reconsider your decision. This place is worth a shot because with its unbearable heat comes the heat-beating solution too!


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