10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Arkansas

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Arkansas is home to around 2340 lakes and more than 10,000 miles of rivers and streams. You will see that Arkansas has so many great places where you could travel and explore the gems of nature.

So, if you are looking to fight the heat in Arkansas but are tired of being locked up in a room or sitting in your pool alone, then it is time for you to check out these outdoor swimming places. You can fight the heat while marveling at the wondrous sights of nature.

1. Twin Falls of Richland

As the name implies, these two falls are here, but surprisingly, they are fed by two different creeks. The water that flows beneath them form a lovely swimming hole, and you can appreciate the natural beauty of the creeks and the sight above them. The area is covered with trees and thick forests. The trees are normally around 17-19 feet high. This may be one of the easiest hikes for you!

2. Lake Ouachita

This lake was formed by the dam created on the Ouachita River. This reservoir boats the title of being the largest lake in Arkansas. The serene Ouachita National Forest normally surrounds this lake. With more than 970 miles of rich coastline, you will easily someplace to deposit your picnic basket and towel. This lake is so clear and clean that you might never come across freshwater shrimp, jellyfish, and many other fish varieties.

3. Mulberry River

This river is an extremely popular spot for anglers who love to rent and canoe and paddle away. This river is packed with swimmers, splashers, and many talented paddlers. This 70-mile long waterbody gives you plenty of space and room to just dive in and swim in peace while enjoying a scenic view. There are many camping spots nearby so you can swim and then settle in your camp tents.

4. White River

Many of Ozark can get a little furious in the seasons where they are fed, and similar to this, the west fork of White River can get feisty in wet seasons and suspiciously calm in dry seasons. However, the river’s upper side offers many access points so you can easily dive in or jump in the waters. The overhanging trees offer a dense, great shade, making the whole experience a lot more relaxing.

5. Little Missouri Falls

His Fall in Ouachita National Forest acts as an excellent natural water playground. The water flows down in a stair-like manner making the fall look ravishing. You will not just be beating the heat of Arkansas; rather, you would be enjoying the beautiful view and the rolling hills acting as the perfect backdrop. You can easily find many essential facilities like restrooms, parking, and good Inns. There are also many hiking areas around so that you can challenge the adventurous person in you.

6. Kings River Falls

The scenery here is ravishing, and the scenery is truly idyllic. The hiking trail is easily around 2 miles, but just keep thinking that the reward at the end of the hike will truly be worth all the trouble and effort. The fall flows into the river with rock bottoms, and therefore, you can marvel at the splash. Swimming here is truly a heavenly experience, but make sure you know this art because there are no lifeguards around.

7. Tanyard Creek

This trail was initially built by volunteers and even now is maintained by them.  This trail is packed with so many features that you will not be able to fixate your eyes on just one. The trail hike is around a 2-mile hoop and is suitable for all. This fall easily flows through the creek, forests, and even bridges. The kids will love the view and the water splashes of the cold, refreshing water.

8. Buffalo Point

This stop lies on the Buffalo National River, and it stretches to around 135-miles without any significant obstruction or hindrance. So, make sure that you have good control over your swimming, and you are aware of your moves when the water gets feisty or turns high. The area has a natural, rugged beauty that cannot be compared or matched. Ensure you wear water shoes while swimming because the water is rocky at the bottom, and you might get hurt.

9. Crowley’s Ridge

This name may seem a little peculiar, but the backstory supports its appropriateness. This spot was named after the family that initially settled here. This place occupies around 31-acres of fishing area and 3.5 acres of the swimming area. This way, you get to enjoy both of the best.

10. Blanchard Springs

If you are looking for the perfect blend of natural beauty and swimming comfort, then you may not find a better place than this. This recreational area is visited every year by hundreds of tourists who couple this with a Blanchard Springs Cavern tour. The water is fresh, cool, and calm throughout the year. This glorious waterway is everything you are looking to spend your vacations in style.


In Arkansas, summer is all about either being locked up in your rooms, cars or spending all day drenched in the pools or bathing. Well, if you are looking for a chance to reconnect with nature and benefit from the beauty and heat-beating capability of some remarkable outdoor swimming places in Arkansas, then choose one spot from those mentioned above.


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