10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Colorado

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Summer arrives with both fun and trouble in Colorado. If you are one of those who do not enjoy hot weather, then summer will be trouble for you. But don’t worry because we have brought you the ultimate solution in the shape of the ten best places to swim outdoors in Colorado.

All of the below-mentioned ten best places are chosen to form various lists of spots. So, let’s study them and decide which ones you want to explore this summer.

1. Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop

The mountains of Colorado contain various treasures for swimmers. One of such treasures is Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop. This place is a loop between 19 various hot springs and has around a 720-miles journey. The place is full of amazing spots for swimmers, including aquatic centers and caves. Moreover, the loop is also home to Iron Mountains Hot Spring, the largest Mineral Hot Springs Pool.

2. Paradise Cove

As evident from its name, Paradise Cove is an extremely beautiful site for swimmers in Colorado. It is located near Colorado Springs. It is the best location for the swimmers who love jumping off the diving boat. You just have to hike for around 0.5 miles to reach three exciting cliffs where you can jump and enjoy swimming.

3. Grand Lake

Grand Lake is the deepest and biggest natural lake in Colorado. The tall and green trees in the surroundings provide a breathtaking view of the swimmers. The lake has some amazing beaches where you can relax, enjoy, and swim. Moreover, it is near to the town, which means you have everything nearby from stores to restaurants.

4. Needle Creek

Needle Creek is a famous spot among the locals; however, other people have hardly heard of it. This creek is located in Cochetopa Hills between 50 and 114 highways. This spot has some amazing waterfalls nearby Chicago Basin, which is also worth exploring.

5. Zappatta Falls

The Zappatta Falls is situated in Southern Colorado in San Luis Valley. However, before planning a trip here, make sure you check the run-offs because visiting here during faster run-offs will not be safe. The water runs here quickly, which means it is harder to get inside. However, for a perfect fishing experience, you must visit later in the summer. Additionally, along with offering a great swimming spot, this falls also offers some breathtaking views too.

6. Big Dominguez Canyon

The Big Dominguez Canyon is the favorite swimming spot of the visitors of Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area. People who visit the area often stop by the Big Dominguez Canyon to chill and swim in the peaceful water hole. The temperature at this place is always warm, so don’t worry about getting cold.

7. Conundrum Hot Springs

The Conundrum Hot Springs is the highest hot springs globally, with 112200 feet above the sea. It offers the most amazing watering holes, which is the dream location for swimmers to swim. However, getting at this spot is not easy. It requires a hike of around 9 miles along with Conundrum Creek Trials. For a place like this, the hard work you go through is worth it.

8. The Black Hole

The Black Hole is located at two Buttes Reservoir. It is considered the best spot for rebellious teenagers due to the big watering holes here. It offers the perfect spot for cliff diving. So, you can show some of your favorite diving and flipping moves here.

9. Devil’s Punchbowl

Devil’s Punchbowl is the name of two different water bodies in Colorado, and both these places are worth exploring. One is located nearby Grottos and Aspen, while the other near Crested Butte and Marble. Both of the spots offer some amazing cliff jumping opportunities to the swimmers. The Devil’s Punchbowl is a perfect escape during hot summer days where you can jump, swim, and relax.

10. Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake is situated near Orchard. It is the biggest reservoir in the northeastern region of Colorado. This is also referred to as Oasis in Plains because you will not find other water bodies here, even for miles. This human-made lake offers a great sandy beach and campsites where you can swim and even plan a longer trip. It is the favorite attraction of the locals here.


If you are looking for some perfect places to swim in Colorado, choose one from the above list. You will surely have a great experience here.


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