10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Connecticut

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Searching for a perfect spot to swim outdoors in Connecticut? If yes, then you are looking at the right place. We have brought the 10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Connecticut for you. These spots provide some amazing swimming experience to the visitors and are loved by both the locals and visitors.

In this article, we will educate you with some brief details of these spots to make the process of choosing your desired spot easier. So, let’s look into the details one by one.

1. Mashamoquet Brook State Park

The Mashamoquet Brook State Park is located in Pomfret. The name has been derived from Indian Literature, which translates to “stream of good fishing.” This park offers some great spots for the swimmers to swim. Moreover, it is also famous for its fishing, hiking, and camping. The family-friendly environment here makes it a great place for planning a trip with the family.

2. Ocean Beach Park

The white sand beach of Ocean Beach Park is considered one of the most amazing places to swim outdoors in Connecticut. This beach has a great boardwalk, while other activities happening on the beach, like spots, etc., make this place more desirable. Moreover, it also has an Olympic Size Pool too. So, you can swim either in the pool or the beach.

3. Burr Pond State Park

The Burr Pond State Park is situated in Torrington. The pond here offers a great spot for both swimming and picnicking. Moreover, you can also hike along the trail here, which goes around the pond.

4. Enders Falls

Located in Granby, the Enders Falls is a hidden treasure. The falls here are a great spot to swim for all the visitors while the beautiful scenery works as a bonus. You will always find cool water here due to the forest which has surrounded it. Either you want to swim or enjoy the natural view, Enders Falls is a perfect spot.

5. Lake Waramaug State Park

The Lake Waramaug State Park is in Kent. This lake was named after the chief of the Wyantenock tribe, who was an Indian. This state park offers some of the best camping and swimming spots in Connecticut. Moreover, you can bike or walk along the 7-miles shoreline here or even fish, kayak, or canoe.

6. Walnut Beach

Walnut Beach will be the best spot for you if you want to enjoy swimming in the blue waters. You can also relax here on the sandy beach after swimming. Moreover, it also has some other worth exploring spots like remnants of the old pier. You have to pass through the golden stone arch to reach the pier.

7. Rocky Neck State Park

Situated in Niantic, Rocky Neck State Park is one of the most scenic swimming locations in the region. The beautiful scenery and beach here is a great attraction for the visitors here. Moreover, along with being famous for swimming, this park is also known for its wildlife and hiking, such as Marsh, which is considered great for spotting birds.

8. Silver Sands State Park

The Silver Sands State Park is known for Charles Island. From the beach here, you can easily walk to get to the disappearing sandbar. The park occupies around 300 acres, which means you will hardly see the place over-crowded. So, this summer doesn’t forget to plan a trip here and escape from the weather.

9. Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park

The Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park are situated in Brownstone Ave, Portland. This place was created for adrenaline lovers. Along with enjoying swimming here, you can also enjoy kayaking, zip-lining, and more. This spot is great for planning a trip with family due to the exciting activities for kids here.

10. Bigelow Hollow State Park

With an area of around 9000-acres, the naturally rich Bigelow Hollow State Park is a natural oasis. You can explore various spots here and have some quality time swimming. It has a pond of around 18-acres, which is surrounded by big trees and dense forest. Moreover, the end of the dock is also a great place for relaxing. So, you can do both, either relax or enjoy swimming here.


If you want to escape the heat this summer, don’t forget to plan a trip to the spots mentioned above, especially if you are a Connecticut resident.


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