10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Georgia

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If you are looking for the best places to swim this summer, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have finalized the ten best places to swim outdoors in Georgia for you. All of these spots are extremely amazing and will prove to be the best escape from the heat this summer.

The details of these spots are discussed in the following paragraphs. So, let’s educate ourselves with the brief information of all of these spots.

1. High Shoals Falls

The High Shoals Falls is located in Chattahoochee National Forest, close to Helen. The swimming spot here has great waterfalls, while the beautiful and scenic location is a bonus. However, to reach the waterfalls, you have to hike for around 2.4 miles. Moreover, this place is also great for those who want to enjoy cliff jumping due to its 50-feet cliff.

2. Edge of the World

Edge of the World is situated in the Amicalola River in Dawsonville. To reach the actual spot, you have to hike on the Amicalola River. This spot has a great swimming experience. You will spend an entire day and won’t even realize it. The warm weather here makes swimming much more fun. Additionally, this place is also suitable for taking your kids and family.

3. Blue Hole Falls

Located at Indian Grave Gap Road in Hiawassee, the Blue Hole Falls is a little swimming hole. This falls require a hike of one mile through High Shoals Trail. The pool in the falls has a depth of around 10 feet. However, to have a safe trip, make sure you take all precautions before swimming. This fall is the best spot during the hottest summer days.

4. Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls is located in Blairsville. The falls have a great pool where you can swim all day. The falls also have a great picnic area where you can find both shade and sun. Additionally, people often come here to practice yoga, especially in the lower area of falls. While the falls also have an extremely beautiful view.

5. Blanket’s Creek

The Blanket’s Creek is in Canton. The great creek is extremely popular for various reasons, for example, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, and even picnicking. That’s why this creek is always crowded with mountain bikers. The creek also has a clean and shady space, and you can follow the easy trail for reaching there.

6. Sope Creek

Sope Creek is situated in Cobb County. This is a famous swimming destination for the residents of Cobb County and nearby. This naturally equipped creek is just 15 minutes away from Marietta, a great spot for visiting, shopping, dining, and staying. So, you can plan a long trip here and explore all the nearby places.

7. Gober Beach

The Gober Beach is in Canton and Ballground. This spot has an old-fashioned county swimming hole. It is considered great for kayaking too. You can swim, relax, and spend some quality time in nature. The rocky beach and shallow water here is perfect for swimming during summer. Additionally, it also has a parking area, which is a great advantage of Gober Beach.

8. Dicks Creek Falls

The multi-tiered Dicks Creek Falls is located in Dahlonega. It is a popular location for both swimming and hiking and a hidden treasure for nature lovers. This fall is home to numerous swimming holes, which can be explored during hiking along the creek towards the falls. Moreover, the Dicks Creek Falls is also close to Gold Rush Town, which is also worth discovering.

9. Red Clay Resort

Red Clay Resort is located in Cohutta. This resort is a great place to practice swimming for the new swimmers. This spot was also known as the Farmer’s Lake. Moreover, it is also equipped with a swimming pool, restrooms, bathhouse, and arcade. The resort has an entry fee, which must be paid to enter here. However, it is not open all year-round.

10. Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliff Falls is situated in White County. Swimming at the falls here is not advisable; however, the stream offers the best swimming experience. Moreover, you can also hike to reach some of the swimming spots there. It has three drops into a deep pool where you can swim a little farther from the falling water.


So, if you plan a vacation in Georgia this summer, don’t forget to include the swimming mentioned above spots in your list.


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