10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Illinois

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Illinois, a great attraction for tourists from all over the world. From large and beautiful buildings to great natural spots, this state never fails to amaze people. It also offers some amazing spots where you can swim and escape the heat for a while during summer. Some of these spots are highly famous. In this article, we have listed the ten best places to swim outdoors in Illinois for you. All of these spots are gifts of nature where you can swim and relax. So, let’s dig into the details of these spots.

1. 57th Street Beach

57th street beach is the most popular beach in Chicago. This beach is located in Jackson Park. It has a perfect location for swimming, especially skyline swimmers. The swimming area here has a long distance. You will also find soda shops, hot dogs, and other kinds of stuff here. Moreover, it also has paid parking near the beach.

2. Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park

The human-made Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park is one of the lakes with the clearest waters throughout Illinois. The lake has an area of 40 acres. It is also equipped with a built-in filtration system. Surrounded by green trees, this lake is a perfect spot for swimming during summer.

3. Kinkaid Lake Spillway

The Kinkaid Lake Spillway is considered the best place to escape during summer for the locals. That’s why locals often protect it. It has rocky paths that you have to walk through to reach the pool of fresh water. The lower part of the lake contains another pool; the cool water makes it a perfect spot for swimming, especially during hot days.

4. Fish Lake Beach Camping Resort

The Fish Lake Beach Camping Resort is located near Six Flags. The camping resort is home to both pools and lakes, which can be used for swimming during summer. The lake also has a sandy beach where you can relax, play, and enjoy on a sunny day. You will also find green trees in the surrounding, which provides amazing scenery. So, escape from your schedule this summer and plan a trip here.

5. 63rd Street Beach

The 63rd street beach is also located in Chicago inside Jackson Park. The beach has a very family-friendly environment. It is the best location inside Chicago for a family swimming trip. You can use day camp, boat, swim, and enjoy along the beach for the whole day. However, you’ll often find it overcrowded by both locals and visitors, especially during weekends. So, plan a trip accordingly.

6. Kayak Morris

The Kayak Morris is known for its camping location. Swimmers often plan here a longer trip and enjoy both camping and swimming here. You can set up your tent, bonfire and enjoy a trip full of fun and exposure. For the campground, you have to access 801 Kayak Morris Road. Moreover, this spot is also great for those who want to enjoy kayaking.

7. Independence Grove

Located in Libertyville, the independence grove is home to one of the most beautiful and sandy beaches in Illinois. The lake has occupied an area of 115 acres, while the beach is around 400 feet. You can either hike here or enjoy swimming; people come here to enjoy both. Moreover, the breathtaking location here works just as a bonus.

8. Calumet Beach

The Calumet Beach is located inside the Calumet Park in Chicago. The white sandy beach was first developed in 1905. You can find lifeguards continuously monitoring the swimmers here from Memorial day to labor day. You can also enjoy distance swimming on the southern part of the beach, parallel to lake Michigan.

9. Illinois Beach State Park

The Illinois Beach State Park is located along Lake Michigan. The clear water here makes it a great attraction for the visitors here. It has a shoreline of around 6.5 miles, while you will also find beaches, dunes, and wetlands here. Moreover, Illinois Beach State Park’s vast location makes it great for swimmers who do not enjoy swimming at comparatively overcrowded places.

10. Silver Springs State Park

Located in Yorkville, you will find the Silver Springs State Park near Fox River. This lake got this name due to its incredible sparkling in the sun. You can swim in the natural pool here throughout the year. Moreover, it is also famous for boating and kayaking too. However, for swimming, there are only specific times.


Illinois is one of the best states in America. When you plan a vacation here, don’t forget to swim in the spots mentioned above.


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