10 Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Indiana

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Global warming has impacted almost all countries in the world, and the United States is no different. The weather in Indiana is also getting comparatively warmer. Warmer weather pushes people to swim more to cool down. That’s why swimming holes, lakes, and beaches, etc., are considered vital these days.

In this article, we have discussed the ten best places to swim in Indiana, so if you are from Indiana, you know where to go this summer to reduce the weather’s hotness and enjoy in the cool water.

1. White Rock Park

White Rock Park is located in St. Paul. This amazing swimming hole becomes a great attraction for visitors and locals here during summer. It also offers rope swinging, scuba diving, zip-lining, and high diving. The hole here has three quarries that fit all types of swimmers. This spot is also great for those who just want to relax and have fun.

2. The Tippecanoe River

Known for its clear water, the Tippecanoe River starts in Noble County. The reflection of green trees here looks incredible on the water. Moreover, this river is a great spot for swimmers. You can swim, relax, or just come here to sit by the riverside, this place suits all.

3. Indiana Dunes

Indiana Dunes is a park in the northwest region of Indiana. The park is made from 15 various disconnected sections. It has a shoreline of 15 miles, which is great for those who often go on beaches. Moreover, Indiana Dunes’ main attraction is the Dunes themselves. The large dunes are here famous throughout Indiana and the United States. The largest dune here has a height of 200 feet.

4. Lake Monroe Spillway

Located in Bloomington, the Lake Monroe Spillway is one of the best places to swim in Indiana. People have mostly heard about Lake Monroe itself, but the spillway is the best place to swim. You can enjoy swimming at the amazing beach here. You have to follow the trails that go towards the cliff rocks for swimming at the gorgeous spot.

5. Patoka Lake

Patoka Lake is located in Birdseye. This lake is also recognized for its clean and clear water. The blue water here surrounded by trees is a great spot to enjoy during summer. Moreover, you can also do kayaking and other kinds of stuff while being here. You should plan here a full day trip to make the most out of your experience.

6. Pokagon State Park

The Pokagon State Park is nearby Angola. It is one of the actual state parks in Indiana. The natural lake here is created by the melted water of glaciers, which melted around 10000-15000 years ago. The lakes here are Snow Lake and Lake James. These lakes are great for swimming, while other famous activities here are fishing, boating, and camping. People also come here to enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

7. Fox Island Park

Fox Island Park is situated in Fort Wayne. This place is also known as Bowman Lake and Fox Island Pond. The swimming hole here is wonderful. It also has picnic areas and trails here. Families often plan a picnic here. The location here is also very scenic, which is just a bonus.

8. Pike Lake and Center Lake

The city of Warsaw is also referred to as the Lake City in Indiana. This city is home to two public beaches, i.e., Center Lake and Pike Lake. Both of these lakes are considered great for swimming and wading. The water in both lakes has a sand bottom, which is advantageous for swimmers and waders. Moreover, both lakes also have lifeguards who ensure public safety.

9. Flower Park Lake

The Flower Park Lake is located in Terre Haute. This lake is a great attraction for the residents of the area and nearby people during summer. This is because the lake has an amazing spot to swim during the summer. People often love this place because of its calmness.

10. Brookville Lake

Brookville Lake consists of three beaches, and all of these beaches are situated within a 10-miles distance and open for public access. These beaches are Quakertown State Recreational Area, Whitewater Memorial State Park, and Mounds State Recreational Area. These spots have canoe and paddle boats available, which can be rented out. Moreover, you will also find campsites and cabins here.


Along with the spots mentioned above to swim in Indiana, there are plenty of other spots too. After you have explored the above places, search for some other spots too.


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